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April 14, 2011


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In 2008 Obama used the blame game against GWB to get elected promising to do everything differently and to be the guy to bring us together. Then, after the message from voters in 2010 for 3 months he pretended to move to the middle. Now, he begins a crusade much like 2008 blaming the "rich" and the Republicans for being selfish, uncaring and wanting to pay no taxes. This is Obama's strategy for bringing us together to solve our problems? This week he invited governors to a meeting to discuss Immigration problems. He left out all the border state governors. This is a man afraid of listening both sides of any issue especially the opposing side. That is incompetant and immature management. Time and again his approach to management is if you don't agree with my policies I'll simply leave you out.

Now we have Trump running for marketing King of the century blaming everyone except himself for the USA's problems. Let's see: Obama for being the worst President in history. The Chinese for exploiting our labor markets. Iran for waiting in the wings to take over Iraq. His Republican opponents who are not as smart or rich as he is. And, GWB for setting the stage for Obama to win.

The rumor is that the gang of six US Senators have a compromise to begin to fix the problems. Immediately, Senator Reid says no changes to social security before the plan is even announced. And Senator McConnell immediately announces that no taxes are to be raised. With cooperation and support like this bipartisan politics simply becomes a game of who can "win" --not solutions.

America really needs a leader who does more than blame others to solve problems. And, why if he is doing such a good job does Obama have to begin his reelection campaign 18 months before the election and only 30 months into his first term? If you do a good job the people will reelect you without the lengthy campaign.


I don't know about you but I cannot stand this current political situation. It seems as though the only people who run for office are "I" focused. It is incredible that Donald Trump is gaining any traction at all. First he starts with "I" am the man Obama, currently the world "I" title holder, fears the most to run against because "I" see through his game. Who doesn't Donald? Followed by "I" am the world's greatest negotiator and "I" understand the Chinese, Japanese, Indians,Saudi's, etc and their game to rip off America for Billions of dollars. "I" will stop their games. And, this morning the switch fron Obama to Romney with his claim that "I" have made much more money than Romney and "I" am worth much more than he is. Who cares? In this world of "I" the world of "We" has been forgotten. And, unfortunately the "we" are the people they represent. The rich, the poor and the other 80% of us somewhere in between.
We are led by a somewhat timid "I" man who has no desire nor capacity to bring people together. One who has helped spend us into fiscal irresponsibility.One who somewhere in life learned to win through the use of smoke and mirrors. One who from the moment he took office has not spent two full days back to back on the economy and job creation. Instead we have social program after social program enacted. We instigate a half hearted effort to control events in Libya rather than just getting it over and done with. While perhaps sucking France and England into their own war to remind them that perhaps they should help with ours, it seems that quick and brutal justice for Quaddafi would serve us better. Saudi, Yemen and Syria all still have demonstrators in the streets. Syria, our "reformist" friend according to US diplomats, gunned down some more demonstrators again today while at the same time announcing a lifting of the ban on demonstrations. It seems they need some more targets to shoot from roof tops. the President only has two more months to go before his $600B watering down of the American dollar ends. Deflating the American dollar will perhaps stimulate the economy short term and make the debt cheaper to pay off but at the same time it is contributing to the rise in inflation for oil and imports.
Where is the guy who will pull us together and say it is time for us to sit down and horse trade until we have a budget we can live with? Let's face it we will never agree to anything so we have to agree to live with something. The poor cannot take everything from the rich. Government cannot continuously charge us to protect us from things that we can protect ourselves from. We do not need two hundred Civil War Battle Fields. The military does not have to retire their best trained people at age 40 only to rehire them as civilian contractors paying them more and paying their retirement as well. Congressmen do not need a pension after serving their country. It is a privilege not a profession. The President's don't need 30 Czars and a Cabinet. We do not need to protect South Korea. We do not need to be boycotting Cuba for 60 years.
It is rediculous that we, the people, even allow the government to borrow. We should fix the tax rate for the Federal, State and Local government and they should figure out how to live on it with out a change in rates. But, alas, we didn't and now we need a person to get us out of the pickle and back to it. Just watch Ohio, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Virginia and texas and you'll see there are communities and leaders who can do it.

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