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April 29, 2011


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Ugh, tough times..

And the BEAT goes on----

Pretty unbelievable that we now embark on fights over the death of Bin Laden. Did he have a gun? Did we take away his son? Shall we release the photo? Did he actually surrender and then we murdered him? Did we find him from Waterboarding information? Should Bush or Obama get the credit? Whatever happened and who gets the glory doesn't matter--he's dead. It is a SYMBOLIC end and a revenge killing designed to inhibit Al Qeada's (another spelling debate versus Al Qaida) terrorist attacks on it's enemies. It will likely have little real impact in the long run. The intell we collected may help reduce their attacks and define more high value targets for the Special Froces and the Drones to attack in the short run but the beat goes on--there area 100's of thousands more of them in the world. This IS the new world of our children and our armed forces to deal with. we fought the cold war they will fight the hidden wars.

These debates over unanswerable questions are destroying America's ability to compromise on solutions and move forward. The debate over abortion is 50/50. The debate over how much help to give the disadvantaged or to even define disadvantaged can be argued forever. The debate over how much free education do you provide can not be answered. The debate over how much money we spend on police versus firemen versus the military versus roads versus clean water versus environmental protection versus public parks, etc is continuous. America, it seems, wants to argue over everything. If business people did that they would all exceed budgets, freeze on solutions and fail. Politicians are failing us when they lack the courage to compromise.

And, in true Obama Administration fashion we have the new Secretary (to be) of Defense announcing that we will show the death photo last night and today the President saying we will not. We're back to normal already.


Nice article, Bill. Paints the age old picture of a society that wants something for nothing and a set of politicians willing to give it to them.

As Jimmy Carter found out the process of printing money to satisfy the social needs of society leads to high inflation, lower dollar value and in general a stagnant economy. this is a form of taxation on all and is an unsustainable policy. We are quietly engaged in that process once again under this leadership.

Secondly, we have a set of people on the left who want to tax the rich and make no cuts in spending. Well the rich are already taxed very high. And the spending is already high and projected to get much higher. So the proposal from the President is not to just increae the taxes on the wealthy but in order to make any significant revenue gain he must push the tax increases down to the $250K level which is not the wealthy. They are basically the management class of people in the country and the small business owners. No Rockstar makes $250k. No Wall Street revenue generator makes $250k. No Fortune 1000 CEO makes $250k. So, taking more money from this set of people makes no sense.

Thirdly, 50% of Americans who drive on the roads, call the police, send their kids to public schools, etc pay zero federal Tax. And yet they want Medicare, schools, college grants, roads, police protection, emergency help, food stamps, unemployment extensions, etc guaranteed. Guaranteed how? By taxing the other 49%. In essence they want everything for nothing. I left out Social security because the politicians already took that money from escrow to pay the deficits of the past. They owe that money back. It should have been an annuity for the tax payers. And, I remind you that half that money was paid in by their employers another high tax on American business. Do you think Chinese companies pay for social security for their employees? I suppose if they did their government would take it from them as well.

In essence we have a society where 50% of the people want everything they can get for nothing at the expense of the other 49%. Does anyone except politicians believe a country can survive by doing this?

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