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May 12, 2011


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Personally, I am an agnostic. As a scientist/engineer I need some sort of evidence to ground my beliefs.

I do believe though that one's religious leanings are of concern in picking our elected officials, as are marital history, service record, criminal record, voting record, etc. These considerations allow me to form an opinion of how that potentially elected official may act in the future. One's past is the only available true predictor of the future - certainly not fully relying on what that individual has said. It is what he or she has done, and what that person has as core values, that matter.

Harrycat----I thought you were a believer in people with solutions not a religious fanatic opposing people based on their religious beliefs. Don't we have enough trouble with people in the world trying to impose their religious beliefs on others? By the way what religion are you?---I want to make sure my grand children know the "right one" to choose in case they want to run for President some day and get your vote. Next time offer something with some thought behind it instead of predjudice please.

That would be quite a pair - Romney and Bachman. Teaming a Mormon who promoted mandated health care with a fundamentalist Christian who believes the earth was created 6,000 years ago. Do you really think middle America would go for this?

Is this all the Reps have to offer, a mix and match of odd candidates? It seems the answer is yes. Can they win? Absolutely not!


his hopes for the Presidency and the GOP. With 18 months to go before the election the 3rd Republican high profile candidate bombs out. Newt Gingrich not only bombed himself but he likely bombed the Republican party hopefuls all together. It was as if the most experienced Republican candidate went to a meeting of hopefuls and wore a belt of plastic explosives exploding himslef and all others when he trashed Paul Ryan and his Medicare plan. He may as well have gone to a Democratic video taping session and made anti GOP ads for them as their chief spokesman. Lead the nation, Newt? You can't lead the party. That was a rookie mistake. Save the millions of dollars and withdraw now.


This mistake has clearly placed Romney as the party favorite for the election. And, he will likely make the strongest run at Obama. But, at this point the GOP would be best served to focus their money on winning the Senate and look for a leader for 2016. Romney with Bachman, Palin, Ryan or Huckabee will give the President a run and perhaps get the turnout needed to win the Senate.


TRUMP. As predicted Donald was just creating big chaos with the media and finally ended it when his polls started to decline. Another media Star HUCKABEE pulled out as well choosing TV, books and entertainment over the run for the Presidency. All of this is better for the Republicans as Trump was nothing werious and Huckabee was too far right. To beat Obama it will take a moderate Republican who appeals to the right as well. And, it will take a failing economy which we certainly have the possibility of getting. Today the economists restated their economic growth predictions and lowered the growth to 2.8%. That is serious trouble for the President because it will not allow any significant lowering of unemployment. So who can emerge to make a strong run for President? We shall see.

GATES---begins to make the case for some security for the Seals and special forces and their families. He describes how quickly the agreement not to divuldge details fell apart in celebration of the "kill".

It is curious that the Obama administration waited until SC and Boeing spent about $1 bllion, in aggregate, on infrastructure improvements and new buildings before announcing it was seeking an injunction to block building of the Dreamliner in SC. The administration also said it was not seeking to block manufacture of other aircraft here. Sort of like saying a service station can sell any fuel other than gasoline.

On April 22, Lafe Solomon, Acting GC or the NLRB, also wrote to the attorneys general in SC, SD, Arizona, and Utah that the administration was going to bring suits against these states because their state constitutions guarantee secret votes in union elections.

It seems clear that Obama has conceeded the south to the Republican Party and will spend the next 2 years punishing them to mollify his base. PS---If you had a major tech driven company, would you expand overseas or elect to be micro-managed by an an administration that is hostile to business?


Again, Bill, an excellent presentation of the focus of this administration: political power and changing the approach of America to a more socialized economic system. Let's line up a few:

1. Union organization support and favoritism in both private and public organizations to the detriment of taxpayers and private job creation. This policy increases expnses, reduces jobs here and forces employers to look elsewhere to create jobs competatively. In this case Boeing is looking elsewhere in the US not China and still being blocked.

2. The banks are once again reducing SBA and small business loans. Credit card companies continue to restrict credit and charge not only high interest rates but high fees as well.

3. Obama's failure to block illegal immigration takes away millions of jobs in the US.

4. Oil and Gas exploration and exploitation in the US continues to be restricted.

5. EPA continues to up the cost to manufacture in the US with more and more costly regulations on American business.

6. Insurance rates continue to rise dramatically as the slow implementation of Obama Care hits. Medical costs as well continue to rise.

7. While the intentional devaluation of the dollar will stimulate some American production it does at the same time increase the cost of production and the cost of consumer lives as overseas goods become more costly. This is led by oil.

The American economy is trying to rally. However, there are some big impediments to a sustained recovery. First is the price of gasoline and other products derived from oil and commodities. second is the impact of huge increases in food costs. Take gasoline and food and you have a huge factor in the consumer spending patterns. Third, the stimulus money will end this year. That will bring a slowdown in the road and bridge construction going on in the country. Fourth, budget cuts in state and federal spending will put more pressure on the job market in the short run. Fifth banks are slowing their foreclosure processes and this is delaying the time when the housing market will rebound as inventory of foreclosed houses will remain high for some time. Many believe (and it is possible) that the Obama administration is intentionally increasing the price of oil & Gas and devaluing the dollar in order to drive up demand for new energy alternatives and to stimulate manufacturing in the US. However, this is being done at the expense of JOBS. You'll notice that despite lip service to jobs in his campaign speeches there is no real move to stimulate them at the federal level. On the other hand Republican governors and a few Democratic governors are doing the job at a state level that needs to be done. Cut costs and create an employer friendly environment.

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