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July 14, 2011


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More of what I'm talking about:

By Allison Linn, senior business writer
This is how Washington gets its reputation for being out of touch.

As the debate over the federal debt ceiling dominates talk on Capitol Hill, a new poll finds that most Americans are far more concerned with the economy and jobs than deficit issues.

Nearly one-third of Americans said the economy is the most important problem facing the United States today, according to Gallup poll released this week. Unemployment and jobs was the second most common issue on people’s minds, with 27 percent saying that was the most important problem.

The federal budget deficit ranks No. 3, with just 16 percent saying it’s the most important problem facing the United States.

Not surprisingly, Americans are also glum about their job prospects. Nearly 90 percent of those surveyed told Gallup that now is a bad time to try to find a new job.

You got that right, Bill McCormick! EVERYBODY should pay some federal income tax - even if it's a buck. They're talking of taking away my mortgage interest payment but I am paying to keep people in homes through MY taxes - and I'm faithfully paying my mortgage because I KNEW I couldn't afford a bigger house just because my yo-yo friend who is a mortgage broker told me I could. I could do the math.


America's businessmen telling it like it is,. Imagine Steve Wynn, a supporter of the President and Senator Reid basically calling the President a "Socialist" yesterday and one of the worst Presidents in History for American Business. You can imagine what Wynn might be hearing from his clients who normally book events a year or two in advance: "Sorry Steve, we have no idea what the future holds for us--we'll have to pass a year."

He bailed out GM. A $10,000 investment in the new GM is worth about the same. A $10,000 investment in Ford who turned it down is now worth about $70,000.

I'm for a tax increase. I think that the 58% of Americans who pay no Federal tax now should get some "skin in the game" and pay 2% flat tax. How much revenue would that give us? Maybe then they'd appreciate who is paying for all their services.


As Borders closes it's 400 stores 10,700 more join the unemployment lines. And, 400 realtors look to fill more vacant shopping mall space. This one was probably a company caught up in the technology shift away from book stores and towards e-readers for seniors.


As Obama quotes poll after Poll to try and persuade voters that it is not his fault we can't get a debt/budget agreement political analysts seem to believe he is winning the PR war. But is he? The only reason the President is ahead of Republicans and Democrats in who's "not" at fault is that voters hate congress more than the President. But, with only 43 % thinking he is doing the job and 48% thinking he is not it appears that the President is not making much headway in his campaign to convince or get to a solution. In the meantime the voters are pretty much convinced it is all for show and that come August 2nd a temporary fix will be announced. Meanwhile 38% of voters now declare themselves independents, kissing off both parties extreme platforms.


Bill O'Reilly keeps harping that the 2010 election was all about the debt ceiling. WRONG! The 2010 election and most of them before it was about the ECONOMY. People want jobs. Unemployment at 9.3% and real unemployment at 16% or so has produced an angry voter set and the only people they can take their anger out on are the incumbents. And they did and they will again in 2012. Who's safe? The governors who are performing out there. Republicans are once again taking a stand on an issue that is only of marginal interest to the voters. The real issue is jobs and the Republicans better get back on it. Rubio did a splendid job of explaining it.


Once again while political leaders fight in public using scare tactics on seniors and financial markets America's managers are pulling back and waiting once again. No wonder no buyer could be found for Borders at any price. Managers are waiting to hire, waiting to interview and waiting to invest. The good news? Corporate profits are up (IBM latest numbers) and while that makes them a target for liberal tax increases it means that sooner or later they will begin to expand and best of all they will pay more in taxes lowering the deficit. This is a message the politicians consistently fail to get across: You do not have to raise the tax rates--just get out of the way and let free enterprise grow and tax revenues will increase.


Today's shock video: The Pakistan Taliban line up and execute 13 Pakistan security forces captured during a raid into Pakistan by Taliban based in Afghanistan then post it on the internet for all to see. The after a firing squad shoots them the terrorist leader shoots each one time in the head for a more dramatic effect. Pakistan calls for the US and Afghanistan to get control of the border. What--? Now Pakistan wants us to get control? Only a matter of time until those terrorists are on the internet executing the women of Afghanistan after brutal beatings. Political fallout of these yoyo international decisions will certainly come about. And, it makes one wonder how much control we have if Pakistan Taliban are hiding out on our side of the border. But, then Obama doesn't really favor border security does he?

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