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July 07, 2011


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SYRIA---Hillary has now decided that ASSAD is no longer credible as a reformist dictator. He was fine as long as he was only slaughtering his own 1000 people. However, now that the US embassy was attacked he is no longer credible. IS this the new Libya?

IRAQ--Iranian weapons have been found in the arms of the terrorists killing our soldiers as we leave Iraq. Really? Who would have thought Iran?

AFGHANISTAN--now I love Leon, the new Secretary of Defense but not a week or so after taking over he has said we are only 15-20 leaders away from defeating Al Queda? It took us 10 years to kill Bin Laden. #2 is still not dead. There are estimated to be up to 250,000 Al Queda. Victory is near? Is this the strategy--announce victory and bail?

PAKISTAN--America cuts the aid to Pakistan 33% (why that number?) and the people of Pakistan declare America an untrustworthy ally. 70% of them hare us and now we're untrustworthy? Surprised?

AFGHANISTAN--Now we have truly adopted the Vietnam ending strategy of slow withdrawal. Imagine the feelings of those parents, wives and children of the soldiers who gave their lives and limbs in a war we coose not to finish. Worse perhaps is the terror in the minds of the women of Afghanistan who were liberated and put their faith in us to change their lives as they think of the days ahead with the Taliban back in control. And the joy of the drug dealers around the world just waiting for Al Queda to control the poppy fields once again making millions to finance their terror. The ending of these wars is bringing back vivid images of the people in South Vietnam trying in vain to get on those last few helicopters.

Perhaps under the influence of this long recession, 16% true unemployment and a burden of debt we can wait to fight this war on our shores but it will not likely be long before our economy is dealt another crippling blow leading to another call to arms. Declaring victory and reversing strategy to a war waged with Drones and special forces is a big risk. Basically we are opening the gates to drug financed terror group in control of Afghanistan, nuclear weapons at risk in Pakistan, a nuclear Iran threatening the oil fields of Iraq and NATO trying to win wars of liberation in Libya, Syria and beyond without ground forces. Meanwhile we restrict our exploration for oil and gas choosing instead to buy it form others. Yesterday the Trade Deficit for the month (yes month) rose to $50B. Ww elected a rookie to run the country, he filled the positions of influence with rookies and we are seeing the results. For all the credit he receives for saving GM--Ford who turned down the life line is now bigger than GM. The nation's leaders are mired in posturing that maixes the nation's well being with a political campaign for the White House. What ARE we doing?

OK, now you have to hear from a Midwest Woman. Michelle Bachmann is intelligent, articulate, quick. She has a strong sense of self and a strong sense of her moral values. However, she is unbending on her social ideas and that will not play for me. In Obama, we have an entrenched liberal and in Michelle we would get an entrenched social conservative. Life is full of gray - it is not all black and white (as I view Michelle) nor is it all fuzzy thinking (as I view Obama). We need a leader who is not afraid to say "Here is what the PEOPLE want and what I want is not the litmus test." Both Obama and Michelle polarize. For me, Romney will be someone who will listen. He has a strong set of personal values but he does not feel it necessary to impose those on others. And he learned a great deal with RomneyCare. He knows the landmines and what works and doesn't work. We do have a broken health care system - we need someone who can operate in the middle and who has experienced "fixing things" first hand. I don't want another politician who has never handled budgets, run a business, and whose strength is a good speech.

Ed: It is interesting to hear about Romney from people in Massachusetts. I like ex-governors with the extra advantaqge of financial experience. Then there's Romneycare.

Bill Bowen

She's a little too far right for me but she definitely would bring a strong social and economic component to a Romney ticket as well as offset his healthcare record. But, the Texas governor is still someone to be considered if he jumps in, for me.

Hi Bill,

I enoyed your thoughtful piece.
The more I see and listen to Ms. Bachman's message and "sticktoitevness" as my mom use to say; the more gutsy and inteligent she seems.
I must admit that the way the media so mercilessly beat up Sara P has made me sort of tone deaf to a conservative female candidate.
However; I can't shake it she is pretty damn strong and she did very well on CNBC this morning standing up to a left leaning economist.
Today I'd vote for her over Romney!
"ABO" (anyone but OBAMA)

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