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August 18, 2011


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The relatively harmless earthquake in Virginia and the limited destruction of Irene have seemingly given the economy a shot in the arm. That is good news to the President and all of us on the East Coast. Aside from a quick return from vacation and a lot of TV appearances to look like a commander in the FEMA control center the President actually did sound more like he cared rather than was selling this time. Good job on the preparation and execution side by FEMA and the Governors/Mayors for this one. Now let's hope they get the power back on and the floods receede quickly.

Texas spokesmen have recently debunked the inaccurate statements of Arne Duncan regarding Texas's educational results and classroom sizes.

More of my opinion of Rick Perry at


TX Black students out perform Illinois and Wisconsin Black students.

TX Hispanic students out perform Illinois and Wisconsin Hispanic students.

TX White students out perform Illinois and Wisconsin White students.

Hi to Sarah!

GE's CEO----

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, liberal Democratic Ohio Congressman has called for GE's Jeff Immelt to resign his post as head of the President's job commission. I guess it is not only conservatives and Republican's who see the folly in Immelt's behavior and the conflict of interest between his actions and the role the committee is supposed to be playing for the President. But, when you contibute as much PAC money as he does then it must be difficult for the President to ask him to step down and at the same time try to raise $1B for his campaign.


Another of America's small businesses are being regulated, thank goodness. Goat and sheep farmers are now being required to provide separate sleeping quarters for each goat herder, a matress to sleep on, fire proof walls , a cell phone and cooking instructions. Just this week the President told the farmer in Iowa "don't believe everything you hear". I wonder what the cowboys and indians think about now? I'm sorry but this is an example of just how far off line this administration is. Small business people everywhere are being directly targeted to increase costs to support his social issues.


NATO with rumored help of American drones and special forces finally
appears to have finished off another Dictator. Is Assad next or will he take the low road and leave town? The clearest message for me out of all this is how powerful the US is and how weak the rest of the world is militarily. It took NATO, arguably the 2nd most powerful force in the world, many month's to take out a token military force. One the US would have unraveled in a matter of a few days. Of course the good news is NATO did ost of it and we did not have to use overt US forces. And, if this starts a pattern of NATO taking more responsiblility for these wars it will be a positive for this President. Feeling thier oates perhaps they will remove Assad next. Or, perhaps the President can now turn Iraq over to NATO and get more support for the Afghan war or drawdown--whatever that policy is. In any case if the Libiyan oil is back on line then Europe and Amemerica should benefit economically. Let's hope so. And. Al Queda? I'm sure they are in the mix somewhere.

The BIG 12-----

So last night the numbers came out again on the 12 Budget Committee members PAC money contributions. And, combined they have gotten $64M
over the last ten years from special interest groups. $15m to Kerry the leader. $8M to Baucus second. In total $43 M to the 6 Democrats and $21 M to the 6 Republicans. So why is it that Republicans are always the ones who are accused of being in the pockets of big business and special interest groups? Guess what two nonbanking, nonlegal companies led the PAC contributions? GE and Micrsoft. Any surprise that they get the President's favors? And, in banking it was Goldman, Citigroup & Bank of America. Wall Street and the bailout guys. And, these were the 12 best choices to determine what we should cut spending on? No conflict of interest here? In the past 12 months these 12 Congressional members have sponsored $85B in cuts and $1.2T in spending increases. Baucus has not sponsored a single dime in cuts. This is a shining example of why we are in this position. You see that the old guard runs Congress and unless the American people throw them all out they'll never get things to change. And,our leader? 26% approval rating on the economy. 71% disapproval.

Couldn't resist looking a bit further into the 'Education knock'. The article referred was a little suspicious as it dwelt solely on the expense paid per student ; over and over #44. The article gave the highest (New Jersey), the lowest (Utah) and Texas (44th).
Interestingly enough SAt's & ACt's averages were all within 5% of each other. As New Jersey was on the SAT scale and the median was in the lower 500's;it seemingly was of little consequence. Both Texas and Utah were at or above the national Average in Math and equal to it in 'Reading'. As usual whenever the NEA participates; concentration is most assuredly financial.

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