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September 08, 2011


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Maybe but they hate Jews, too.


Stimulus II. The same stuff. Let's put the teachers back to work. Let's extend unemployment benefits and make that 9% permanently unemployed. Let's cut the income to social security. Let's create a bunch of temproary jobs for the state governments to have to pay for a year later. Let's build railroads and airports as if that's what the 30 Million immigrants we alowed to sneak in and take the American housing construction jobs are qualified to build. Let me remind the country that "I" know, no "We all know" that small businesses create the (carefully worded) jobs people begin in. Sorry Mr. President, they create all the jobs. And, then my favorite Warren Buffet is begging us to raise his taxes. Let's see exactly why Warren Buffet pays 15% taxes. He incorporated himself and then invests his money. Then he sells the stocks creating long term capital gains and pays himself with these gains at a tax rate of 15%. Warren Buffet intentionally avoids higher taxes with his methods. Are we all stupid? Meanwhile small business owners pay 38% and he wants to raise our taxes? Of the $450B in stimulus less than $200B even goes to spending for new jobs. The rest went to benefits for the unemployed or to support the jobs of government workers being cut at the state level by responsible governors. Just like the last Trillion that only had 3% going to infrastructure. Let's see how long and at what cost do you think it will take the administration to "review every regulation"? Let's begin with healthcare, EPA and Dodd-Frank. And, finally "I'm going to go throughout the land and spread the word to get the American people behind this plan"--the kick off speech to his campaign and the official war with Republicans. And. while his Administrtion attempts throughout the land to eliminate the use of the word GOD everywhere--he now has inserted in his speeches "God bless America" several times. Sorry liberals but this is not leadership.

Patriots among the youth. Its been a while, hasn't it? For the first time in over 40 years; I now have a new 'mental image' when the thought of 'youth in politics'comes to mind.
Its great to be reminded on occasion of people like Paine & Friedman. Its from they ; true clarity emerges from the 'haze'.
Thanks also to the 1776 types that we are not having to shoot are way out of this 'malaise'.

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