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November 24, 2011


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MSNBC MESSAGES: Should have sold them to Leno ! I laughed for awhile; until I realized they were all TRUE.

ONE OF THE 'TEA LEAF' READERS NOTED: BEWARE, JUST BEFORE THE TREASURY OR THE FED DO SOMETHING DESTRUCTIVE; THEY MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT. The first one was some time ago prior to the creation of billions in bonds. Bernanke said;"we will not 'monetize' the Debt." Not to long ago,Geithner said;"we will not 'DeValue'the currency. What no one expected for a solution was;"we will 'monetize' Europes Debt and maybe no one will notice the DeValuation of our currency,"

I posted these comments on MSNBC this morning after word of the bailout of world Banks was announced. The results are shown. If MSNBC readers are of this mindset how much trouble do you think Obama is in?

1. Pumping up the banks is like raising the debt ceiling by Congress. Unless someone steps up and changes the entitlement programs the handwriting is on the wall. Cut spending or the western world is simply kicking the can down the road once again. Obama rushed to Europe to help the politicians --kick the can. More of his money printing and spending. This will do nothing long term.

Agree:24 Disagree: 9
2. It's a good thing China has lots of cheap labor. They must be like Santa's elves staying up 24 hours a night printing currency to keep up with the US and EU presses.
Agree: 20 Disagree: 0

3. Obama Logic: We need to extend the payroll tax reduction to help the economy. We need to tax the top 1% to help the economy.
Obama Logic: We need to discontinue the old lightbulb that is manufactured in the US and invest in the new light bulb that is manufactured overseas where his jobs advisor, GE's CEO, is investing in Chinese jobs.
Obama logic: We need to withdraw our troops from the middle east where the terrorists are. We need to station our troops in Australia where our best ally lives.

And, this is the smartest man we can find to lead our country? Maybe he should stop thinking and listen. That would be leadership.

Agree: 35 Disagree: 31

These might show that the MSNBC (liberal base) is beginning to crack on the financial issues but when it comes to environment and war fighting they are hanging on. BUT,many are beginning to slide away from war and environment and toward financial competence--perhaps out of fear of meltdown. Interesting results although not scientific.

Flyover and Dick G:

Couldn't agree with you more. What's wrong with the picture? Obama is in it! The fiscal crisis is being flamed by Obama's unwillingness to begin the process ov reducing the deficit by cutting spending. He continues to add to the debt. He has now gone to Europe and told them we are willing to do our part. No matter how you slice it France and Germany read that as $$$$$ signs. Obama is willing to bailout EU without the austerity they need to survive. He prefers always to kick the can down the road. He's bailed out California and NY. He unleashes his union leaders on any GOP governor who tries to restructure the entitlement programs and union contracts in their state. He extends unemployment benefits. He wants more stimulus money. He prints money in the Fed and waters down our currency creating inflation. He has a jobs leader who ships jobs and TECHNOLOGY to China. His fiscal policy is exactly the same as Greece and Italy's. His model for his energy policy is Spain--another bankrupt country. As I pointed out earlier Obama can do a lot of damage in the next 12 months.

12 MOS. MORE MIGHT BE TOO MUCH: Trying to 'Thread' Pakistan just makes my 'head hurt'. I think all of our annoyances around the Planet are 'Subordinated' (Subcommitee favorite term)by Mike Mullen's warning."Our National Security's bigest threat is our fiscal crisis". It rang with the same 'vibratto' as Ike's "military /industrial complex" speech.
With our US Dollar's 'Reserve Currency'status (the TIPPING POINT) under attack; our fearless leader wants to move on into greater depths of depression by fulfilling our 17% portion of IMF Debt (140 billion). This despite the fact Germany has remained adamant in her justifiable demands on Greece. MORE WASTE !

What is wrong with this picture? Iran is burning our President in effigy, Pakistan is boycotting meetings and rioting against us, most of the rest of the Middle East will not support us yet we refuse build a pipleline and import oil from Canada -our friend. We continue to deal with enemies. On both an economic level and an international level we cannot have four more years of Obama!


What a tangled web you weave, Bill. If we think of how bad it is for us to deal with all these factions just think what it must be like to be a political leader there. Here politicians have to deal with arguments and media scrutiny as well as lobbyists promoting/selling their positions. In Pakistan they just kill you and your family.So no wonder they walk a public tightrope and deal secretly under the table making it impossible for us or even our leaders to really know who they can trust or what their money can buy. What other country can we identify that we kill one segment of the population and pay the salaries of another segment? And, meanwhile our agents risk their lives to try and determine what is really going on among the parties we don't know about. Sort of a weird audit of truth and fiction.

Then an incident happens that puts the factions against each other be it a Seal raid, a friendly fire or not so friendly fire killing or an assassination. Immediately, all hell breaks lose in public and beneath it all people are telling us to be patient --all things pass and our money talks. Back home people are screaming "dump the bastards---cut em off." But, we both know it doesn't work like that.

This is a nuclear state infiltrated by Al Queda and Taliban troops. India stands at the ready to guard against the worst. And, somewhere in there or nearby, perhaps now being stationed in Australia, are our special forces surely with a plan to seek and destroy or capture the weapons we fear most in terrorist hands or Iran's. So there is no pullout, knee jerk solution. This is a case of long term vigilance, secret killings, payoffs and all the things you write of in your novels and people go to the movies to watch. This is a strategy of frustration, CIA operatives and readiness to do the impossible. In fact the worst move we could make is to disengage no matter how much it pains us. The US Post office loses $8B a year. Pakistan costs us about $3B a year--small prices to pay for the mail getting through to Podunk, Iowa or the Pakistan nukes to be guarded. This is the life of our children. We lived the cold war. They live the war of terror and it is not going to change.


Our results for this quarter in the search business: Employers have been interviewing (they are interested) but they are not pulling the trigger again. We thought they would do so after the Super Committee reported but the failed effort has employers reeling. Black Friday results are more likely to be the result of the increased store hours, the unbelievable promotions and the lower credit card balances than economic well being. I know I’m probably not gaining any influence with Democrats I know but this blame Congress strategy is going to backfire because it is dampening manager confidence and that can only lead to lower hiring and higher unemployment between now and the elections. Remember “it’s the economy, stupid” and with the Republicans sure to put up a very attractive candidate for independents in Romney (or Newt) the people are very likely to vote their pocketbooks. The President needs to take action that improves manager confidence. That will not be done with a fight over taxes, spending cuts or who’s fault it is. It will only come about with true leadership: compromise and results. The public knows Republicans offered $250B in revenue increases in the super committee. They also know Boehner offered $800B and the President turned it down demanding $1.4 T. It would take very little to get small businesses to hire again but the President is counting on the big companies and they are taking their money and their jobs to Asia where the growth rate is 8% and they pay no tax on profits. In effect his strategy is doing in the unions he covets so much. American Airlines will now force unions to give more concessions to survive. American must get bigger to compete in the world market with United and Delta but instead they are selling off American Eagle and discontinuing their less economic routes getting smaller and cutting more jobs. Unionized labor costs and huge fuel increases have made them unable to compete. Don’t be surprised if China steals the new light bulb patents and dominates the new light bulb market in a year or so. See the assessment of the Washington Post:

'But as the Washington Post reports, one unintended consequence is the contribution it makes to the “continuing erosion” of U.S. manufacturing. As companies transition over to making CFLs, local plants close and jobs are moved out of the country. The cost of making CFLs and other new technologies is much cheaper abroad. As the Post reports, CFLs must be twisted into a spiral, a task which requires more manual labor. This is cheaper in China.'
One really has to wonder if the President has any clue as to how to help American workers. He is doing one hell of a job for the Chinese, India and Asia led by Immel of GE.

Dodd-Frank both gone.

What comes around, goes around they say. Now both Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are gone. The two men most responsible for the Housing Mortgage meltdown that crippled the American housing market have paid the price. Unfortunately, they left us with one more big mess: the Dodd-Franks' bill that is designed to keep it from happening again. With one huge flaw: neither Fannie nor Freddie are included in the controls. Dodd and Frank protected these entities from the multiple attempts of the Bush Administration to restrain them from reckless lending. And, encouraged them to lend money to virtually anyone who wanted a house. Now they will both live in lavish retirement at our expense but at least they are gone.

Obama says:

Yesterday the President told EU leaders America would do our part to support their financial solution. What is our share? And, he told them to be urgent about it. As if he was well on his way to cutting our deficit and a financial solution at home.

Electric Cars?

GM has sold 5000 Volts. The Auto industry in total has sold 13,000 electric cars in America. The US Government rebates $7000 per electric car sold. There are about 12,600,000 cars sold a year in America. Gasoline technology now gets 40 miles to the gallon. The Volt can go 35 miles on one charge up. We are paying to subsidize an industry segment that has captured 1/10th of 1 % of the market. What logic is that? Do we not think that when electric cars are ready to compete that Toyota, Ford, Kia and others will develop and sell them? There is $91M we can cut from the deficit. Add to that ethanol subsidies of 35 cents a gallon to "mixers". And, $1500 per new HVAC unit sold in America. Lots of deficit reduction in energy.

China announces new environmental initiative:

Ironically just as GE is moving more aggressively into partnership with China the Chinese announce they will embrace the new light bulb for environmental reasons. Not the air or the water or the healthcare of their people but light bulbs. Interesting that at a time when the USA has mandated that we go to the new light bulbs the Chinese embrace them. How long do you think it will be before they have stolen our patents on them and are the world leader in light bulb manufacturing?


Basically in the Republican primaries it all comes down to who is going to come in second to Romney and what it means. Newt is a dangerous nominee because he is likely to get killed based on his past in media comments, he is conservative so has a hard time drawing in more liberal independeents and he is way behind in money. Romney will gain dramitically once the primaries are over and conservatives get to choose between Romney and Obama. Newt's immigration commnet was his first attempt to move toward the center. It was a gamble becasue it could cost him in the primaries. Both these guys are intellectually Obama's equal and both have better prospects to get America to bipartisan solutions versus Obama who has shown he has no desire to compromise.

It is important to remember that polls are based on popular vote. The Presidency is won based on state by state electoral votes. This year Obama will sweep California, Illinois and New York gaining huge advantages in popular vote. However, beyond that he will likely have to compete for every other state except Hawaii and DC if Romney is the nominee. And, if Romney succeeds in getting Marco Rubio for VP then Obama will have a very difficult time winning vote laden key states like Florida and Colorado. If he chooses Newt then it will produce an intellectual and experience competative ticket that will contrast sharply to the inexperienced Obama and gaffe prone Biden. Even a Romney Cristie ticket would energize the party and make things very competative in a lot of Democrtic prone states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Obama has money, the media and the Presidency going for him. Romney has experience in business, leadership as Governor and for better or worse he can site experience with Healthcare and the pitfalls if he does it wisely. And, the Republicans will win hands down on the economy and jobs. At least they believe in small businesses.

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