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December 29, 2011


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Bill M. - WINDPOWER COSTS; I was told 'EAGLE' in Kenyan was BARACK! I'll have to check my English to Kenyan Thesaurus. The Oil PIPILINE should use caution; there might be a 'Barack' interferring there too.

Harrycat---you should like him. If he is as Newt portrays him then he's very close to your preferred candidate. In Iowa the votes were mainly swayed by the religious votes that went away from Newt,Cain and Perry and went to Santorum. It won't work that way as much in other primaries. However, the voters in the primaries will vote for the most conservative choice they have. Come election time Romney will look like Reagan compared to Obama for them. Primaries are all about segments of parties and who can survive the process of elimination. It will soon be Romney versus one or two of them. Then it may be a contest but he is likely to have the votes to prevail by then. Santorum can only win if he can hold his own in the debates against Romney and Gingrich--not likely. He will hold the religious vote and much of the Tea Party vote, however. But, he doesn't look very Presidential when pressured whereas Romney is cool under fire. Personally, I prefer a moderate candidate to a far right one. Only way to get something done for the country. Look at what the far left has gotten us.

Romney spends four years campaigning and can't beat his numbers from last time in a very weak field. Three quarters of Reps nationally don't want him. Yes, he really is off to a great start.

For all my liberal friends---another move to make wind power work--kill the eagles!From MSNBC today!

The federal government is proposing to grant a first-of-its-kind permit that would allow the developer of a central Oregon wind-power project to legally kill golden eagles, a regulatory move being closely watched by conservationists.

The Interior Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday released a draft environmental assessment that would allow West Butte Wind Power LLC to kill as many as three protected golden eagles over five years if the company fulfills its conservation commitments.

It’s the first eagle “take permit” application to be received and acted on by U.S. Fish and Wildlife under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. (“Take” means to kill, harass or disturb the birds, their nests or their eggs.)

The Economy-----

I keep hearing the good news from Wall Street but---
---Unemployemnt is at 8.6% for those looking for work. But 15.5% if you include those that are no longer.
---Another Obama solar company went under.
---American Airlines and Kodak (rumored) are bankrupt. Sears and K Mart are post Christmas in big trouble.
---3rd Qtr GDP is now revised down to 1.8%
---One of the best retail stores on Wall Street is the Dollar Store.
---Construction was revised down to negative.
---6,000,000 home owners are not making their payments.
---Ethanol subsidies are expiring but the government is still requiring ethanol be added to gas keeping the price of corn rising.
---Natural gas is so plentiful in the USA that it is now below $3. It sells for $16 in China. You would think we would build a pipleine, liquify it and sell it overses, no?
---In 2011 $300 Billion dollars left the equity markets and went into gold and Bonds for safe haven. How are American companies supposed to grow and hire with no capital? We could lower long term gains taxes but No?
---The EU bond auctions are very soft. A new crisis is only days or weeks away. More money will be printed. The Eruo went below 1.30 today. Eu banks are supposed to be lending each other money but instead they are storing it with the ECB and earning .005%.
---When Austerity kicks in in EU their recession will worsen and US companies who sell there (GM) will slow down. The Volt was voted one of the two worst new products of 2012.
---Syria's Assad thumbs his nose at the US,UN and Arab League and continues to kill. Once Iran has the bomb they will sell it to their treaty buddy Assad.
---Meanwhile the Taliban are opening a headquarters in the middleeast just to negotiate with the US to get their prisoners back. At least if we give them back our Special Forces they are fighting in Afghanistan can kill em.
---Yep things are really looking good under this President's leadership.


The right guy won.

The right guy emerged to debate.

Newt showed why he is not the guy to win. Anger replaced his new nice guy image,

Democrats and antiwar voters could not carry Paul to a win.

'A WIN IS A WIN' even by '8'; The complexity of the economic 'fix' is going to demand Romney,I think. Anyone less talented would probably delay 'recovery' again. As we pass 110% DEBT/GDP,'delay' could be fatal.

Iowa--the beginning of a renewed economic cycle or the end of free enterprise in America? Tonight has little statistical meaning but it can provide a lot of confidence building for the people of America who want to see America back on a solid economic path. If Romney or Santorum emerge as the leaders of this race then America will begin to look for leadership one more time. If instead we have to be subjected to more of the comedy of Paul or Perry (moderated by the "constant threat to run" of Trump) then America may begin to lose hope that there actually is a true CEO like leader for this country. Republicans must get their house in order and focus on a candidate who can and will win. We do not have time for a loss. And, we do not need to see this attempt by the minor players moving on into SC and Florida. Hopefully, Iowa followed by NH will cut the field to 2 or 3 and we'll get focused on their vision and game plan and move against the "I" man. A hard fought campaign between Santorum and Romney would provide the GOP a lot of enery going against Obama just as the battle between Obama and Hillary energized the Dems last time around. The next 6 hours will tell us a little. By Florida we might have a clear idea of where we are going.

WHAT WOULD A LONDONER THINK; about The US Government attempting to prevent 'VOTERS' from being identified ? Would the A.G.object to the 'Purple Ink Wells' ?

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