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January 05, 2012


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Union Pension Funds invested in Bain; that should quiet the 'Left'.


Bob Kraft, Owner of the New England Patriots and successful International businessman, this morning on CNBC called the attacks on Bain rediculous. He depicted Romney as a great businessman and pointed out that his son worked many years for Bain. He also pointed out that two of the largest investors in Bain were large American union pension funds and that Bain success contributed to the benefits of American workers.

John Bolton former Amassador to the United Nations and highly respected by Newt Gingrich endorsed Romney as the person best suited to lead America back to greatness. Despite his conservative views Bolton said that Romney's experience best qualified him to balance economics and foreign policy.

Tea Party leader Dick Armey all but endorsed Romney calling the attacks by Newt and Perry on Bain foolish. Armey, when asked if he would support Romney, indicated that he was conservative enough to be supported. Sarah Palin's husband came out in support of Newt before NH but the Governor has yet to endorse. Armey's statements may make it easier for her and Bachmann to endorse Romney if he wins in SC. The last survey I saw said 42% of the Tea Party voters were supporting Romney over conservatives in the primary so far.If Romney can energize the Tea Party and independents then the President is on the ropes for sure.

Santorum ,without his sweater vest, when asked last night if he would remain above the fray and let Newt go after Romney decided for some reason to jump in. Seemed like a poor move given their drop in the polls since they started their attacks. I have a few sweater vests I will sell if you cannot find one in the store!

FOR THE PRESIDENT: Bob Kraft said his election proved how great opportunity is in America. And, perhaps the best news was he said that business was picking up all over the world except in Europe.


Last night was the end for Newt(and his speech looked it) and Perry who is desperately spending money and credability in an attempt to make a move. Santorum looks like a Choir boy and is holding the religious votes but that will not do it. Ron Paul to his credit is simply trying to influence the party on fiscal policy. He is softening on foreign policy to give himself more Republican respect and cpould end up with the second most delegates when it's over.(A national poll today had Paul 45% versus Obama 46%--that is very bad news for Obama.) Paul is likely in it for his son (long term) and for that reason will not run third party or for that matter attack Romney. He is supported more by Democrats and independents who get into the booths than Republicans so far. But,my guess it is all Romney from here on. The news media will likely focus on the Bain failures but any trunaround and veture captial company with 77% success especially the list of household names with thousands of employees will likely continue to impress people looking for an economic leader.

Obama is in trouble. National polls have Romney beating him now. The economy is getting a lot of push based on weak numbers that are likely to weaken. Wall Street is turning their political money to Romney now. His best White House strategist has gone home to Chicago discouraged by a President who likely did not listen to him. This weekend the administration dumped on line the list of 1000+ companies who were given Healthcare exemptions. They included companies with 500,000+ union workers and only 60,000+ non union workers. (no special treatment there!) Iran is heating up. Syria again killed more of it's citizens. I guess Assad figures there's no limit on killing during a US election year. Hillary seems to have given up on our former reformer of the year. The Christmas retailers are disclosing that sales were mostly based on discounts. Europe is on the verge of returning to the news as Italy and Spain are borrowing large sums from central banks. Greece's GDP which was minus 2% has fallen now to minus 6%. This morning the forecast for 2012 US GDP growth was lowered from 4% to 2-2.5%.

On jobs: Baby boomers are retiring at 10,000 a week. That will create some jobs. 800,000 vets will return to find work. They will get some consideration and that will slow the current seekers' success. The economy probably will expand slowly creating a few new jobs once we get the seasonal layoffs out of the pipeline. However, there are actually about 24 Million people out there underemployed and unemployed. By now many have found cash jobs and still draw unemployment and they will not go to work quickly especially if supported by a working spouse. Many of those with preschool children will stay on unemployment and draw unemployment rather than pay for daycare to go to work. These are the problems Obama faces with continual extensions of the unemployment benefits just as society faces these problems with welfare in the big cities. If the government pays you not to work and you are not educated or motivated enough to get a higher paying job then staying unemployed becomes a way of life. And, if you get a raise in benefits for having a baby then the motivational problem worsens. And, if the housing market actually shows improvement then the illegals issue will return as they take all the construction jobs.

(HATE TO SAY IT) ENDORSEMENT. A 'Trader' on Kudlow last week 'dittoed' that same figure about 'Bain'. He had made a personal study of Bain's activities and described it all in 'glowing terms'. Jack Welch - terrific. That whole thing has to come out in detail.
Perry is here in S.C. and has found a defunct textile mill,Bain formerly owned. Truth be known; it's demise may have more to do with Clinton's International 'give-away' strategies of the 90's.
Has the 'Statute of Limitations' run out on him ?

MITT ROMNEY gets a great endorsement--

Legendary former GE CEO, Jack Welch, this morning on CNBC called Mitt Romney the best qualified Presidential candidate of his lifetime. He said that the perfect leader has emerged at exactly the right time to lead the country out of it's problems. And, he called on the country not to miss this opportunity. Citing Romney's educational background, his business background of resurrecting 77% of the troubled companies he invested in, his leadership of restoring the US Olympic Program to greatness and his political skills in turning Massachusetts financial situation around Welch said that none of the past President's had comparable experience: Clinton,Nixon,Reagan,Kennedy or Bush.

LANDMARK CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR 'WOUNDED WARRIORS'; FROM THE MOST VALUABLE GOLF EQUIPTMENT MANUFACTURER IN THE USA. KARSTEN SOLDHEIM'S Company- 'PING GOLF'(the only manufacturer of Golf Equipt in the USA)has been donating 'Custom Fit (the only way they are made)'
golf sets to rehabilitated veterans.


Many of us contribute to Wounded Warriors. It is one of the best run and rewarding things you can do in life. If you ever have the opportunity to spend an evening with our wounded I suggest you do so. Your view of the world and your blessings will never be the same.

If our strategy is correct all wars should end.Iraq is a better ending than Vietnam. Afghanistan is likely to end more like Vietnam with the enemy regaining control. Unfortunately, the war on terror is different (call it what you want)will not end in our lifetime. Yesterday's announcement by Obama was an acknowledgement of that fact. In the 70's we forecast a war of terror that would require a new military servce focused on intelligence, special forces and surveillance. It has existed for years and now it is emerging as public policy. Biden is really the proponent of a war on terror conducted by special forces and drones without the heavy use of ground forces. Obama is just implementing it.
That being said the need for a significant force to deter and fight (extract)enemy forces such as Iran, N Korea ,China(unlikely) still exists. Nuclear weapons do not deter insurgents or fanatics.
I suppose Obama can argue that we will rely on our NATO buddies to crush our enemies. But, given their currrent fiscal problems they too can be looking to cut defense. And, political will of the allies is not always in line with our own. Ron Paul isn't even in line with our leaders way of thinking. Let's say that it became evident that terrorists were about to take over in Pakistan: what would we do? Can we secure those weapons with special forces and drones? I have confidence that our military has a plan. Let's hope that the new military can fight the battles as we go through this draw down with or without our allies.

TWO BEGINNINGS: Beginning #1-into Iraq; which was frot with short falls and shortage that led to our two highest ranking military leaders to resign. Beginning #2- selections of three Presidents; devoid of INTEGRITY & LOYALTY; thanks to thirty years of political indoctrination standing in for education.
Looked into the 'closet'for another 'IKE'. They insured that would not happen. He's been ensconsed at the CIA. If all that pressure and that cancer Battle didn't tire him out; maybe this job will do it;they thought.

THE SUPERFICIAL COMMANDER IN CHIEF; From the Presidents' superficial citizenship to healthcare ,to military direction,to simulated (I know he said,"stimulated") economic growth and 'REAL' Government growth. We will get 'REAL' Defense cuts. His FIRST CUTS. They should be 'Bronzed'.

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