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February 02, 2012


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And, so the political leaders have worked out an agreement for auserity measures with the EU. Immediately the two major unions announced they will go on strike tomorrow. Can these measures actually be implemented? Already Greece faces 21% unemployment and 40% unemployment in younger people. Sound familiar? The US has 25% unemployment in recent college graduates and 40% unemployment in inner city black youth. In addition to the measures leaked yesterday it is rumored todaqy that retirement pensions were cut 20%. Imagine a SS cut of 20% in the US. A tough road ahead in Greece and EU but at least they have headed down it. When will we?

For the record:

I have never participated in any caucuses or primaries. I have always waited to sort things out.

A LESSON TO WATCH--(Just off the wire)

As the people of Greece riot in the streets it is important for Americans to watch what has happened and will happen there. 60% of the workers in Greece belong to two, yes 2, labor unions. Greece spent the past 20 years living off the government and the welfare of their kids. Here is what they are now facing to pay the price for the other EU countries to forgive their debt and loan them enough to try and restart their economy:

1. A significant cut in their Medical spending.

2. Layoff of 120,000 government workers.

3. Sale of the government owned Oil Company.

4. Reduction of their minimum wage by 20%.

5. Thgis one is not announced yet but you can be sure it will come: An increase in the retirement age from 55 to ??65 perhaps.

Their GDP is projected to decline 5% in the next 10 months. This is what happens when people are given a support system that takes away the incentive to compete and rather gives them an incentive to put in time. This is what happens when you live off debt. This is what happens when you legislate benefits for all independent of any proce or performance. This is what happens when the government runs industries. National lethargy. And, if this isn't lesson enough for America let's watch it unfold in Spain, then Portugal, Italy and perhaps, France. On the other hand we have no excuse: we watched the USSR fall apart. We listened to Ronald Reagan explain what America could be and how to get there. Somehow we now have China as our model economic system, Spain as our alternative energy model, approve Trillion dollar deficits and reject key energy initiatives. Romney needs no more than this as a message to run on.

Harry: It's good to see that you have decided to become engaged in the Maine caucuses this weekend, working for the person that you think will help get the country back on track.


will only win if the economy does not improve. The Fed and Europe are printing money so fast that manufacturing as to pick up and it is. Our cheap dollar is making us more competative as we are out pacing the Chinese on currency devaluing. The CEO of Sony a couple weeks ago pointed out that the strong Yen is making it more difficult for Japanese companies to compete and Sony is definitely stuggling. It is amazing that the average consumer in the US is not yet screaming over the inflation of food and energy in the US. Food and energy are up 100% since Obama took office and that has to be taking a toll on American household budgets. It's offset I guess by refinancing into lower house payments but in the end it will likely show up in all other goods. The price we are paying is the incredible increase in debt and future interest payments. Obama may be luckier than Jimmy Carter and the raging inflation may not occur this year as the fed attempts to stave off deflation. But, as food and energy costs rise the American income does not and 10,000 Americans a day are joining the ranks of the fixed income retired workers with little capital to spare now that the equity in their houses is gone. Obama's version of cash supports in the form of payroll tax reductions will no longer help them make ends meet.

The latest job numbers indicate a better unemployment rate which corresponds to the improved manufacturing sector but the American consumer took on a lot more debt in the past two months as confidence increased and we went through Christmas season. Car sales which cannot stay at zero forever also helped. But, we are facing a steep hill in cutting costs to get the deficit down. And, entitlement reform is little mentioned in the election so far.

A note of reality:
It can be argued that the more the nation sees of Romney the less they like him (three losses last night).

I like to look at Intrade as a measure since it is not an American site and real money changes hands. Obama is now at 60.6% to be reelected, up from 54% a few weeks ago.

Also, look at Pollster's right/wrong - a major inflection point in the Oct/Nov time range. Also, the same with Obama Job Approval.

Also, latest polls show Obama ahead of Romney by 6 to 9 points.

None of this is real votes, and much can happen between now and November, but it is clear that at this point Romney is in deep trouble.

Clint Eastwood ---

My favorite actor's ad for Chrysler during the Super Bowl was exactly what America needs from a President: Leadership. Clint simply told it like it should be told: this is halftime for the greatest nation on earth and the American people will do what they always do--recover, change and win. No matter if the public thought it was about the bailout being successful, Detroit being on the road to recovery, the economy rebounding or a call for Mitt Romney to take over the second half it was brilliantly conceived and executed as only Eastwood can do. In marketing getting attention is the key and this ad is on everything on the web, every political talk show and everyone in America's brain. It will linger for a year and spur controversy. It was visually the best thing for America's spirit since GWB stood on the rubble at the World Trade Center. It rivaled Roosevelt's Day in infamy speech and Reagan's greatest speeches. Republican's would do better to apprectiate it's mixed messages than to waste time villifying Clint, a staunch Republican, or try to criticize it for being filmed somewhere outside Detroit. It was an ad for cars. Perhaps there was a better solution to the GM/Chrysler bailout but this one worked--get over it. There are more than one solution to some problems. Give Obama credit--he knew that if he let GM go into receivership his political buddies, the unions, would take a brutal haircut. Using taxpayer's money he could protect them and get their cooperation on lesser haircuts. So far, it has worked.


America faces a world economic challenge. A threat from terror lead by the nuclear ambitions of Iran and the vulnerability of Pakistan's nuclear weapons. A mounting debt fed by large deficits. An aging population requiring escalating entitlements.The Real Estate market in shambles. And, above all a very polarized political system. Obama has to date done little to solve any of this. He is a skilled man in the use of power to get his way. In this election year he has basically shut down the US Senate in order to blame Congress for no action blocking all Republican bills sent to the Senate from the House. Holder has been used to negate States actions on immigration, energy, business development. His latest order against the churches on healthcare demonstrates to me how powerful he is becoming. In China, our trading partner, the government tells you how many children you can have and what sex they are to be. His energy policies have resulted in huge price increases in food and gas resulting in hundreds of billions taken from the economy and putting more and more people in poverty and on food stamps. The 2nd largest segment of the population: 21 year olds coming from school are facing 24% unemployment. The inner city black youth are 40% unemployed. His Fed continues to print money at unprecedented levels. Yesterday he found a passage in his Bible that supports higher taxes on the rich. He thinks it applies to taxes. I think it applies to job creation, charity and taxes.
Thanks, Bill, for reminding us of what leadership is actually about--respect for all. I wish he was a leader and not a campaigner.

President's usually do what they want and others try to stop them. Kennedy hid affairs.Johnson lied about the death counts in Vietnam. Nixon authorized a criminal act. Reagan supported the Contras. Clinton lied to Congress. GWB authorized what some claim is torture. Obama uses every opportunity to go around the rules and further his agenda. Bush Sr might have been the cleanest of them all and he lost reelection. This is exactly why Presidential elections are so important. The person who gets the job will likely get his way 90% of the time. If the people don't like it then he is crippled in the off year election as his party takes the hits and then perhaps not reelected for a second term. With his position and money it is extremely difficult to unseat a President. As we are seeing. He campaigns continuously. He issues executive orders to make it look like he is responding ot the public. He chastizes his opponents for not letting him have his way even more. And, he proposes more legislation that he knows the opposition will not approve then blames them for stonewalling his solutions. (Part I)

BRAVO,Please forward to Romney; for his 'opening statement' in the first 'O' DEBATE. Does anyone still believe there is no 'Birther'& ID Issue ? Romney should 'manhandle' this Obama'. Let's not forget; Obama's grades cannot see the light of day. Romney was part of a 1% group in a post Grad Class (1300) that was allowed to take both the MBA and JDS (Law degree). He was graduated in the top 5%; despite the school's progressive staff which by '95 became a supplier of marxist/socialist gov. employees,called Harvard.

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