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March 15, 2012


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All of the political games being played and who benefits? The politicians, perhaps, if they are lucky. But the Main Stream Media - definitely. It is in their interest to keep the stories alive and to twist them anyway possible to get a story. A POX on them all!


Today it may have finally caught up with him. The President decided to endorse the idea of half a Keystone XL Pipeline. With gas prices soaring and the nation about to switch to the more expensive summer blend the President decided to endorse the southern extension of pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas. Of course no one needed him to do it since it did not cross any international boundaries. I guess he thought environmentalists would accept it since it did not cross the contested area of the country. But, the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts immediately called it a sell out declaring that the oil will not be used in America but instead the Oklahoma glut of oil will be shipped to China and do nothing to lower oil prices or decrease US dependence on foreign oil. He might be right that it would be a good idea to require the oil be held in America but then that wouldn't be much different than being held in Oklahoma would it? Just shift it to Texas. What it would do is increase the supply of oil in the world markets reducing speculation perhaps. But, more likely it signals the longer term strategy of the President to approve the entire Pipeline after the elections perhaps. And, that will really reduce speculation and likely bring oil prices down. In the end however this move puts him in the middle of a half way strategy that has both sides angry. His double dealing strategy may just backfire and cost him his job. While Romney is being accused by his opponents of double talking the conservatives at least they are all in his party. The President has likely angered everyone on both sides of the gasoline, environmental and jobs issue. I had to laugh at the President's stop in my hometown of Boulder City, Nevada, to visit the solar generation plant that created 5 jobs for an investment of $10M plus. The fields of solar panels and California's fields of windmills are making me yearn for the return of a western landscape of mountains and sky blue!

LIKE 'OIL & WATER'; After watching Paul Ryan's Budget Video last night,I was reading one of the 'COMMENTS' that shed a little 'light'. It was one from the 'Left'; stating that the 'RIGHT'S OBCESSION with the DEBT is nothing more than 'MONEY OVER PEOPLE'. I think this might be widely held.
(isn't something seriously missing; when you can't connect solvency with success ? )

If Romney does not get elected, I will really stay in bed with the covers over my head. I read a very interesting article from a European paper that indicated we have our "heads in the sand" if we believe inflation won't come in a big way. It really trashed Bernanke. I travel for business - airline tickets are sky high and going higher. United just took away many of the perks for the basic Premier passenger. I used to get a bowl of wonton soup at my favorite Chinese take-out for $6.99 (about four months ago), it is now $11.00. Heating, air conditioning (need it in St. Louis) and car travel are skyrocketing. This is really going to be ugly and add the unemployment to the issue and we may see rioting in the streets. We MUST change administrations and bring in someone who knows how to do a turn-around, who lives by very strong moral principles, and will surround himself with quality people. Santorum may be a nice guy but he is NOT presidential material.

America in denial--3 1/2 years of smoke and mirrors has the country

Here are the facts:
---money is being printed to solve every problem from banking crisis to unemployment to GM failing to states unable to balance their books to unions unable to fund their pensions.

---Unemployment despite the retirement of 10,000 boomers a day is still around 16% actual.

---The Federal budget deficit is still more than $1.3 Trillion a year. ($200B in February)

---Energy and food prices skyrocketing pushing the cost of products up and up. Can no one remember Jimmy Carter?

---The government defining and subsidizing private markets only they want created.

---A Syrian dictator killing thousands of its citizens on national TV and no one cares.

---The most dangerous country since Hitler's Germany developing a nuclear capability while we watch.

---Afghanistan in turmoil as the US uses a Vietnam style strategy to try and exit with grace. Vietnam vets should be at the White House gate.

---American big cap companies focusing on emerging markets to create profits they pay no tax on and leave the money overseas.

---Small businesses being strangled by banks asked to shore up their books to pass stress tests with few Small business loans, no LOCs and restricted Credit Card use.

---30% unemployment of returning vets. 45% unemployment of inner city youth.

---A southern border wide open with millions of Mexicans just waiting to return to America when the housing construction begins. Likely with a few Iranian funded terrorists among them.

--All of a sudden oil development in this country was Obama's idea and his policies led to the increase in supply. The truth is that permits on Federal land west of the Mississippi are down 71%. Deep water drilling in the Gulf is virtually shut down. California continues to ignore their vast reserves and sucks money from the Feds instead. Coal companies are shutting down. Gasoline refineries are shutting down. The unimaginable reserves of Natural gas are being ignored and oil companies are turning to more oil based drilling. The Keystone oil pipeline extension has been denied.

---China contiues to feed off the imbalance in the US trade. China continues to pile up US debt. China continues to use US dollars to stockpile huge reserves of oil, gas and metals needed for production.

---A record stock market has people feeling good. But--there is record low voume so the small investor already burned in 2008, who has lost 35% of his house equity since then is not yet ready to bet his IRA/401K one more time on companies focused on emerging markets. And the market is right back where it was in 2008--not way above it. Meanwhile the US dollar is down 30% so in real dollars we are still trying to recover.

---New business start ups are down 150,000 a year. In 4 years that's 600,000 new businesses that we didn't get and didn't hire anyone. Is that leadership of the private sector? What does that tell you about the environment created for the American dream?

Is this a picture of a country headed in the right direction? Or is this the picture of a country led by a group of people who are using American debt to buy votes? All the while grinning and calling you members of the Flat Earth Society because you are so dumb as to not believe in the economies of green energy. If we buy the smoke and mirrors of this administration one more time then we will be a European country by 2016. The good news is confidence in the President's performance has dropped 8 percent in the past 2 months. There is HOPE peeking through the smokey haze--I can see it in the mirror. ROMNEY

THE AFGHAN 'FINAL EXAM'; From Gen. PETRAUES' Book,'ALL IN'; THE AFGHAN 'NATIONAL SECURITY FORCE',THE LOCAL POLICE,and Afghan Sp Forces are probably 80% complete and functional. Many units have begun independent operations. Many local units have suffered horendous attacks. The organizations reached 'a critical mass' and survived. We will see what we will see. This was a system organized by real master. A future president's Chief of Staff, unparralleled.

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