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March 29, 2012


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PROFESSOR 'whO' ?; According to a local afternoon talk show Host (an Attorney); a former law student during the so-called 'professorial period' stated; "he was only a 'lecturer' not a Professor". What a schock !


Monday On a trip I played golf. Coincidentally, I was paired with the President of one of the Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing industry. Over a beer later we discussed the status of American business and the future of jobs in America. When one hears Donald Trump say that the "Chinese are ripping us off" it is easy to dismiss it as BS. What is happening however is that American policies and that of other countries are creating a situation where international corporations are exploiting the competition for jobs to their advantage much the same as the states do in competition within the USA. Here's an example of what I mean: Austrailia is a land of exports. They have ample materials very similar to the US 50 years ago. However, Australia has followed in the US footsteps in promoting green energy policies. The result is that while Austrailia historically has been the place to manufacture certain materials as a result of their deposits of minerals today their green policies make it less econmically attractive to stay there. So, international companies are moving their operations to places that are manufacturing friendly. In this case a deal was struck with an oil producing nation to move the operations there. While the quality of the ore deposits are not as rich the government was willing to strike a deal fixing the price of oil at a sizeable reduction in price making the deal attractive enough to build a major manufacturing plant there. This morning I heard on the financial news that for the first time in many years Australia has a negative balance of trade for two months in a row. A slowdown in China is likely to be a part of the problem. But, we can see what green policies in Europe has done there. And, Obama has modelled his policies after the EU often citing Spain as his example. (Spain now on the verge of bankruptcy has suspended much of their green initiatives). Environmentalists will argue that as a result of higher gas prices, a policy openly championed by the EPA Director , we are selling many more hybrid vehicles as one would expect. And, that is good. However, the unspoken effect is the impact of these rising prices on all the other aspects of our lives from manufacturing leaving America, to higher food prices, to higher energy costs, to the deficit increases from the energy industry subsidies and defaulted government investments,etc are extracting a huge price on America. With much oil and natural gas at home to be exploited we could be attracting industry (Jobs)with our cheap energy and high tech environemnts instead of chasing it away.

Again today the ADP jobs created numbers showed that we are barely creating enough jobs to employ the new people coming on line. And, once again nearly all the jobs are being created by the ignored segment of small business. Small business added more than 100,000 jobs this week. That is nothing compared to the potential of the 9,000,000 small business owners if left alone. Yahoo will lay off 2,000 workers in the month's ahead. Regulation, energy policy and lack of financial capital has put America in moth balls on new business formation and expansion. Most of the new jobs were in service industries. Then yesterday I listened as the President chastised the States for laying off public workers making the comment that had the states not reduced the labor force we would have even lower unemployemnt and a more vibrant economy. Unfortunately, Mr President, the states cannot print money and only Illinois,California and NY seem to be able to somehow operate in the red while all the others are working to balance their budgets, a process foreign to this Administration.

So in summary it is apprarent from my conversation on monday that the policies of the current administration will continue to chase away the jobs of the major US corporations forcing them to become more and more international in operations. International corporations are going where the grass is greener and the energy is cheap.

THE "I" MAN---when he was growing up the President must have never been told "no" or subjected to anyone elses rules. When he chastised the Supreme Court in his State of the Union Speech I just thought he wa immature and perhaps arrogant. But, after listening to him Monday and Tuesday I realied that he is actually believes that he knows better than anyone on "everything". Even the Supreme Court justices on the Constitution. How long was Obama a Law Professor? It matters not that Obama thinks the Supreme Court should not overturn his healthcare Bill. What is apparent is his lack of respect for the men and women serving life terms to protect our freedoms. Instead he puts his beliefs first--all the time. And, that clearly demonstrates why his ability to compromise and lead in anything close to a bipartisan fashion is nonexistent. He is clearly on a mission with blinders on to ideas from others including the Supreme Court. This President acts like a spoiled teenager who cannot handle not getting his way on everything.

His entire campaign is about blame. He has spent the last 3 years blaming Congress for inaction. He has blamed GWB for his foreign policy, his economy and unemployment. He publically blamed the Supreme Court for their ruling. He blames big oil for gasoline price increases. Last year he blamed speculators. He blames the rich for not paying their fair share. He blames Paul Ryan for putting together a budget that deals with deficits and passed the house. In the end he will only have himself to blame if he loses this election as he came to office with a huge wave of positive hope for his success only to divide the country. Sad.

Only one question. How is that the healthcare system is better off with state block grants? Wouldn't wealthier states be able to provide better care than poorer states? If so, where is fairness?

THE MEDICAL MESS---I can only hope, Bill, that we are handed a return to sanity by the Supreme Court and,beyond that, we are wise enough to elect a President Romney to clean up the mess. Nice piece!

A BILL OR A 'PILL' FOR BOENER & McCONNELL ? Romney ,having personally formulated Mass health Care; certainly will not have a problem dillineating the two. Second, his motives aren't suspicioned in anyway by the majority. The people of Mass. were always the beneficiary; not the State. Why our Republican Congressional leaders are too timid to bring the Presidents motives into question years ago is a mystery.
They have taken up the age old position of ;'LET JOE DO IT".

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