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April 12, 2012


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AND NOW A DEFENSE---the President "Leaps" to the defense of Mrs Romney after she was insulted: "hasn't worked a day in her life." And, where was the President when Sarah Palin and her children were being denegrated? Convenient now to come in and try to save the war on women campaign I guess. First national poll to show Romney ahead by 2% has to have him worried.

Typo: make IUD IEDs

THANK YOU 'BUBBA'; not only for some 'Comic Relief'at a time of serious need; but for a display of an 'American Style Victory' as opposed to an 'appointed one'.
The rancor on both sides can hardly be a surprise. Both sides were duped and neither side has been willing or able to articulate the facts nor the enormity of the fraud. When this is over it will be a generation before a minority attains high positions of leadership on the 'left'.

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