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May 03, 2012


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America has a President who is the exact opposite of what we thought we were electing and need in a time of crisis:

GAY MARRIAGE: Having assaulted the Catholic (and other) church on abortion and contraception the President now supports gay marriage. Desperate,I guess, to find a way to get every leftist to the polls by giving them something he gambles that this move will not alienate others in his base and drive the independents further to Romney. In the end it stokes the fire of the gay versus straight argument.

This comes on top of his WAR ON WOMEN initiative, his TAX THE RICH(MORE)initiative, his HEALTHCARE initiative, his ANTI WALL STREET back the occupiers claim, his BLACK versus WHITE enntry into the Trayvon Martin case, his WAR AGAINST BORDER STATES law suits which translates into a HISPANIC versus WHITE initiative, his NLRB suit against BOEING's plant in South Carolina which translates into a UNION versus nonunion initiative, his constant regulating/ranting against BIG OIL, his degrading of the TEA PARTY and his blaming of REPUBLICANS for the CONGRESSIONAL shutdown. His aganda is one of blame, stonewalling and controversy. Cooperation is not in the dictionary he carries. And, we all hoped he would be the President who brought us together. Kicking the can down the road will lead America to great fights ahead and further divide us. Europe is playing the movie now.


Today was a good example of the rocky road that we are likely to be traveling between now and the election. Congress and the Presidnet have "kicked the can" down the road for most of America's big problems. The result is that Americans are faced with total uncertainty as to what their future will be. The result is the American corporations sit on $3.3T in cash will 26 million Americans look for jobs. Government contractors have no idea where to look for work with threats of huge Defense cuts, infrastructure funds gone and many have now put hiring on hold. US enegy policy is on hold. The Healthcare law is in court but the cost of implementation is falling on employers. US income tax increases loom in January threatening the budget of every corporation and individual. Payroll tax increases will increase in January. And, in January the tax on dividends increases from 15% to 43%. There is no Federal Budget. The deficit reduction automatic cuts postponed until after the election hang over the Medicare and Defense industries. The debt ceiling will have to be lifted once again after the election.

What a mess our elected representatives have created. What a clouded vision of America is presented by our leader. We voted for cooperation to solve our problems and our politicians decided they had "won" the right to impose solutions resulting in a deadlock that grips the economy like tar paper.

Everyone waits for the election to resolve things but the election will not resolve anything. Neither party will win control. Both parties will be able to block. Without leadership from the oval office inviting both sides to the table for real negotiations solutions will not happen. Let's hope Romney wins and proves to be a leader because there is no alternative.

Europe's EU may get stuck in it's own web of inaction. And, we watch and learn nothing it appears.

THE TRAP DOOR SLAMS SHUT: Greece threw out the people trying to fix their system and the French socialists saw what was coming and took control. Hopefully, but unlikely, Americans can see what happens when debt gets out of control and austerity is needed. A very dangerous situation and time for Americans to begin to dig out.

ON JOBS: Today's number shows the smoke and mirrors nature of the unemployment rate: only 115,000 jobs were created in April. We need 150,000 obs to break even with population growth. But, the unemployemnt rate dropped to 8.1%. This statistical measure never tells the true story. What does it mean "many people left the job market?" As far as I can tell it means they fell off unemployment benefits not because they stopped looking for work. Whether they stopped looking, work for cash off the books, sell drugs, went back to school or live on the streets panhandling they are still unemployed. Real unemployment in America is estimated to be around 26 million people. Mostly young. 62% of recent graduates are living in their parents houses. And, the administration once again launches new regulations against oil and natural gas development. Their idea of stimulaing the economy is raise the debt ceiling and issue a list of things industry "can't do". That is one hell of a depressing economic program and as we can see it isn't working. 6 months on the clock and ticking.

The Killing of Bin Laden is exactly the kind of act that we all go to the movies to see--avenging a horriffic act played out on world television by a man flaunting his role in the act. However, had that happened under GWB the left would have called for a full investigation into why he was not captured and given his rights. The left would also have been outraged by the venture into the sovereign territory of Pakistan on our own. But, I give credit to the President for his willingness to go against his own political mindset and pull off not only that raid but also the many use of drones to assassinate terroists including American traitors. Unfortuanely, for me, he deminishes his own credit when he discloses the details of the raid, shows the raid on TV and allows the details of the units and the planning to be used in a promotional film for his campaign. The men and women he commands deserve more respect for the clandestine nature and history than they have been given in this case. The Special Forces of the US Military/Intelligence Operations deserve our gratefulness and appreciation for all the acts they carry out without our knowledge.

BEYOND THE VICTORY LAP; Had a member of the assault team on 'Geronimo' been captured that night;his interogators would have asked:what unit, what means, what are your numbers,where are you based ? The captured individual might have suffered greatly attempting to conceal such info in order to protect 'compadres' and their families. Instead, no one was captured that night but unfortunately all of the above information was released. Thirty days later thirty members of the unit perished.

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