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May 24, 2012


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'ROLLING THUNDER'; After spending 'X' number of years in RVN combating Indonesian Communists; why would the absence of one be a concern.
Thank You Lisa for your thoughtful comment.


JOBLESS CLAIMS rose to 388,000 as employers announced layoffs of 61,887 employees.

NEW JOBS--were revised down to 119,000 for April and reported at 133,000 for May well below expectations.

GDP GROWTH was revised down from 2.2% for the first quarter to 1.9%.

The SMOKE AND MIRRORS revisions continue but as the smoke clears it is becoming more and more apparent that the economy is struggling no matter what is reported the unemployment picture worsens.

HOME DEPOT's Founder said yesterday on CNBC that Obama has nothing in common with Bill Clinton in working with businesses to create jobs and has created an administration of Academics who have no clue as to what it takes to run a business. He contends that Bill Clinton worked hard to understand businesses and to help them while Obama makes life more amd more difficult for them to know what to expect and to create jobs. When asked if he thinks it would be possible to start a new company that would rise to the level of Home Depot under this administration he said "no".


IRAN is found to have enriched Uranium much higher than we thought. And, they say it was by accident. Just think what is in their sites we havn't inspected.Now, in the middle of the "talks" tey announce their missiles can reach US bases.

SYRIA uses the cease fire to slaughter more of their people. We throw out their ambassador.

EGYPTIAN elections will include a candidate from the radical Muslim brotherhood.

PAKISTAN sentences our CIA man who helped us bring down Bin Laden to 33 years and trhreatens his family. Hopefully the Seals are on their way in. Pakistan demands we stop drone strikes. Pakistan continues to deny our shipments to Afghanistan. We cut their budget $33M.

OBAMA ignores 500,000 in Rolling Thunder and then gives a big speech in support of the Vietnam vets.

MORE VANISHING NUMBERS as the smoke clears. Consumer confidence revised down to 68.4% for April (surprise) fell to 64.5% in May as consumers worry about jobs. Housing prices SPIKED .0009!

The President disappointed the Rolling Thunder bikers who rode to DC to honor Veterans by spending only a few minutes with their leaders for a photo op. More than 500,000 rolled into the Capital for the meeting. The crowds didn't disappoint them however. I guess he doesn't need the Veteran's vote. But, then it was Memorial Day was it not? One of my friends who rode with them was very unhappy.

I know that many of the reader's of this blog have served in the military at some point in their life. With all that is going on in this country, I would like to thank each of you. You gave up a portion of your life and have made it possible for us to have these conversations about our government without fear of reprisal. Whether or not you were at a desk in the US or on the battlefield, you are my hero! God Bless each of you!

ON OCT 26 1980; 'GALLUP' SAID, "Carter 47% Reagan 39%". Reagan swept 44 States following their final debate. Truth will win out in the END.

WORTH A LOOK AT THE REAGAN CAMPAIGN IN MAY '80; Both fiscally Conservative Governors coming in on the heels of a 'Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight'. Plus, considering Romney's recent exit from the 9 mo. 'Cockfight'; this 'early on' projected 'Electoral College'position is nothing short of terrific.

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