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May 10, 2012


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"STATS OR POLITICS" on POLLS; We should push our News forecasters for full disclosure on polling criteria. Because the media is occupied by such a high percentage of liberal leaning folks; poll info should be highly suspect; especially with such a 'marginal president' .


Today the Fed stirred the market's blood with new numbers on Industrial Production up 1.1% and capacity utilization at 79.2% up from 78.4%. At the same time the Fed revised March's numbers downward. They revised March's industrial production downward .6% and capacity down to 78.4%. By doing this monthly it gives the misleading perception that when we get an uptick it is much bigger than it is. The Fed is supposedly nonpolitical but ---there appears to be the smoke and mirrors magic in their numbers. Another example is Housing starts and permits. Now, what do you think shows the direction of the economy? Starts or permits? Today the Feds numbers on starts were up 717,000 from a revised 699,000 and permits were down to 715,000 from a revised 769,000 in March. Stats or politics?

"THE OTHER VEEP"- To Be Sure; For those who said 4 years ago that Hillary was a great 'fit'; see USA TODAY (above the fold)"Clinton Welcomes France's new path". And we thought there was only ONE in power.

Bill Bowen is spot-on with his Hillary as VP analysis. It is not beyond the realm of possibilities that this well-honed campaign to define the Republicans as at war with women, is a prelude to announcing Hillary as VP. She would be foolish to refuse the option to be a "loyal VP and compete to follow a reelected President Obama (best chance; least work)."
Al Smith 5/11/2012


Beranke to the rescue one more time? Nope --in Congress this week the Fed Chairman basically called out the Administration and Congress and indicated that the psychological and financial problems caused by the inaction of government to address the so called "financial cliff" are too big for the Feds to overcome. Basically, Bernake says that if government leaders abdicate their roles and responsiblities to the Feds then they create uncertainty that cannot be overcome with monetary policy. We have now had 3 years of uncertainty. Basically fiscal uncertainty led by no budget. Tax uncertainty as we roll back payroll taxes and bounce back and forth between the Bush tax cuts extended and not extended. Debt uncertainty as we kick the can down the road on deficit reduction and entitlement reform. Massive expenditures looming on the horizon for Healthcare implimentation.

It appears that the Fed chairman is looking at Europe and trying to explain to Congress and the President that they were elected to act to solve problems not pass them on to him. Printing money is no good in the long run. It does not create jobs. Artifically low interest rates cannot go on forever. The longer you wait to move to austerity and reform the worse it ultimately impacts.

DEMOCRATS REVOLT: The move by Senator Webb to impose constraints on Presidential power to intervene in foreign countries is a mild revolt on Obama. Biden's acceptance of Gay marriage over Obama's view was a mild revolt by the left. Yesterday Democrats joined Republicans in demanding that Holder release the information on "Fast and Furious". Not good news for the President.

DITTO On HILLARY; The Clinton's look terrific so long as they are without the 'final say' on critical issues. Let's face it; they were 'steamrolled' into 'fiscal austerity'. From Bill Clinton's dishonesty and treason upon his first encounter with the Federal Selective Service Board; to his incredibly dishonable personal life.
Neither Bill Clinton nor Hillary have the critical skills and integrity required to 'rite the ship'.
Leave Joe Biden, who is a 'personification' of the 'Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight',at his present 'Post'. Any other person assigned to the Post would only disallusion us.

YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING: Tomorrow Senator Webb from Virginia will introduce legislation to call for the President to get Congressional approval before intervening in another country for humanitarian reasons. We are going to wait for Congress to act? We've been waiting for Congress to act on our problems for 3 years now. WWII would have come and gone before this Congress would act!
This is another Democratic diversion from the real issues--right? Or is this the Democrats saying they don't like the humanitarian actions of Obama or to prevent the War with China over a disident?

HILLARY competant? This is the lady who called ASSAD the best reformist dictator in the Middle East. What has she accomplished as Secretary of State? How are relations with Pakistan,Egypt,Iraq,Venezuela,Mexico,Iran,Syria and all the other problems that were on the world plate when she and Obama took office? She's just Obama in female form.

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