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June 14, 2012


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OBAMA's Troubles:

SYRIA: Basically ASSAD has been given a Seal of Approval by Russia and Iran. Just hours after England announced that Putin had agreed ASSAD had to go the President met privately with Putin and the Russian leader made it clear that ASSAD had his protection. Meanwhile the slaughter continues and all the President can do about it evidently is look angry in photo ops with Putin. Of course, when his angered face was shown on TV he immediately arranged another photo op with Putin and cracked a joke in a back slapping session. Such leadership is the joke.

HOLDER: Refuses to relese the documents to the House and Senate committees. In classic Clinton stall tactics the President invokes "Executive Privilege" to protect his AG---or is he protecting the White House on this one?

ECONOMY: The Feds revised their economic forecast dwon from 2.6% GDP to "muddle along" somewhere around 2. Bernake was under assault from the press as he answered their questions about why an extension of TWIST rather than QE3 with the Fed now forecasting unemployment at 8.2% through 2012? Bernake sees some good signs on the horizon and is keeping his powder dry. What is the good news? India was described today by Jack Welch as the USA under "Carter"!Germany and northern Europe are now reporting 5% order drops of US products. Higher numbers in the south of Europe. Bonds in Spain topped 7% yields this week while people in Germany today bought bonds that paid 0%---please ,please keep my money and give it back to me when the world is safe!

IMMIGRATION The President issued an executive order for the immigration department to stop deporting illegal Mexicans age 30 or younger who came here before they were 16 and got degrees here. Last year he said he was not authorized to do that. I guess an election year changes the constitution.

Help me out here. My wife and I are getting by and trying to save money for the kids education. We know they will be going to a two year college because we can't afford the big ticket four year schools. May be able to swing it for two of the four. Anyway, now Obama is giving amnesty or whatever he calls it to young illegal immigrants to take up the space in college that should be for kids whose parents are paying the taxes to fund the schools. No problem with legal immigrant kids - no different really than mine. And do those kids get financial aid? Are they taking the summer jobs that my kids could get to help with their education? And is this all politics so he can get re-elected? Sure seems like it. He claims to support the working stiff - that's B---. He's supporting himself. Wants to be King.

ANOTHER 'WHOPPER'; AS 'Obamacare' comes to light; it seems the 'Law of Unintended Consequences' meets the claim of 500 billion savings over 10 years by the AMATEUR authors. According to MMaulkin/Jim Demint Speech, there exists another Law of Medical Insurance that states "for every 1% increase of insurance cost ,250 -300,000 paritcipants drop off the rolls". Seems this has infected the so called 'slacker' rule which allows older dependents remaining at home to enjoy the parents coverage. In fact, the SEIU local 1199, has lettered its subscribers (30,000) that it can no longer offer that coverage. The net effect is to increase participation to the high income families only. The mandate also seems to be increasing dependency and acting as an employment disincentive.

'Joe Wilson'; South Carolina's US 2nd District (incidentaly). Recently on June 12th, Rep.Joe Wilson took 80% of the Republican Primary Re-election Vote. "GO JOE".

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