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June 21, 2012


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'SUPREME LOGIC'; "What a Country". The Supreme Court actually suggests that one can "support and defend the Constitution"; while allowing The President to make 'Law Enforcement'- Optional.
Down South we like peaches: pie & peaches,ice cream & peaches. How about 'IMPEACHES' ?

A POLITICAL SUPREME COURT? Was yesterday's Supreme Court split ruling a sign of what is to come? By splitting the outcome in their ruling the court justices seemed to be giving a signal that they may well split on Healthcare as well. I can now see a decision that throws out the mandate and keeps the rest. Then both sides will declare victory and leave the Congress with another huge fiscal problem to solve--how to pay for the new healthcare system.
In my way of thinking yesterday was a victory for Republicans only if Romney wins. He can then use the stop and check provision of the Arizona Law upheld to enforce the immigration laws and force Democrats to compromise on border security while letting Rubio spearhead an true immigration reform compromise and end this immigration nightmare. If Obama wins then reform will not come unless he secures the borders first and his ICE guys will spend their days answering the phone calls from border state law enforcement.
Stay tuned , American the separation of powers has never been tested as strongly as it is in this generation. Our Federal governemnt is split in three parts. Our national government is split between the Federal and State governments. And, our citizens have been driven into minority ethnic camps as well as union versus nonunion groups. Our dreams of the "Great Unifier" elected in 2008 has become the nightmare of political gridlock and fiscal danger.

You nailed that one!

A REAL UNIFIER COMMETH ? Romney is certainly packing the 'iron'. There is a 'record', talent and experience in 'spades'. The question will be whether the media decides which is best for the Country. Will it boost a failed inexperienced fraud or a successful moral and experienced business and governmental executive ? More importantly, does the media know the difference ?

Nice work, Bill! Washington cooperation has become brinksmanship! Only when faced with less than 48 hours of a catastrophe do the members of congress come together and take action. Unfortunately that action is nothing more than "kicking the can down the road". The major decisions of our generation are still looming and have been looming for decades since Jimmy Carter. The President says Social Security only requires a small tweak to save. Really? Because the funds for Social Security were never put away in trust but instead were used to fund the general operations of government the futture of social security as well as medicare and medicaid are all dependent on a solution to the deficit problem. If that solution is a simple tweak I'd like to see it documented. Each year we kick the can a little further down the road.

What else do we use brinkmansip on to make our decisions? Remember the debt ceiling? It will be back shortly after the election. Remember the Keystone pipeline decision? After the election. Remember the SPECIAL PANEL who kicked their responsibility off until 2013 on the budget cuts creating the $500B/$500B automatic cuts? (After the election) Remember the payroll tax reduction? Off until after the election. Remember the Personal income tax increases? Off unti after the election. Remember the increase in long term capital gains? And, the increase in inheritance taxes? Both off until after the election? And, the missile defense shield for Europe? After the election--when the President can be more flexible. And, now the Fast and Furious documents--after the Election!

What is the long term effect of this short term mismanagement of our governemnt business? You are seeing it: a dragging economy with no corporate decisions on investment or job creation. Banks unwilling to loan. Anemic housing market recoveries. A Fed begging for some help from Congress and the President. Immigration laws being ignored at the urging of the President. A country waiting for court decisions on Healthcare and border security enforcement. Corproate profits created by investment in emerging markets ready to fall as emerging markets no longer have anyone to sell to. Syria,Russia and Iran thumbing their noses at a President frozen waiting for---his reelection. His only hope for victory based on a policy of "kicking the can on big decisions", demonizing Congress and still blaming it all on Bush, Wall Street and corpotate America.

In the end the out of work and under employed should vote him out of office. Our first black President has a first term legacy with 41% of blacks on social security, 71 Million houses on food stamps, nearly 40% of inner city black youth unemployed, and true unemployment around 20%. Forty percent of recent college graduates unemployed. He has us mired in Afghanistan where we now fight a Vietnam style "holding action" with our former ally, Pakistan, refusing to let our supplies through and having jailed the guy who gave him Bin Laden. This holding action will last? Obama says we will be there for 20 years. For those of us who remember the lessons of Lebanon when the terrorists finally blew up our barracks killing hundreds of young soldiers and Reagan pulled us out, the wait is a ticking time bomb.It brings to mind the old saying: lead,follow or get out of the way. This President seems to get caught in the suspended mode and his form of action is to file things away for future consideration.

The only cooperation we are seeing, Bill, is one of let's wait until we have to do something. Then we'll agree to do as little as possible.

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