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July 19, 2012


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Presidency on pause? Is it just me or is there a great deal of silence these days on anything but campaigning out of the White House? Either somehow the White House has gotten the world to calm down or the media is not reporting it? For example:

Afghanistan: Are we still at war? I guess the Taliban have decided that it would be a good strategy to keep things calm between now and the election to help Obama win so he will withdraw perhaps?

Terror: What happened to the biweekly drone strikes against Al Queda terrorists? What happened to our guy in the Pakistan prison who helped us get Bin Laden? What is going on in the terrorist trials?

Iran: What is happening in the negotiations and the sanctions?

Syria: Last week Assad was on the ropes and killing people in the capital with helicopter gunships and this week ?

North Korea: All of a sudden a playful kitten?

Hillary: Where has she gone? Last stop Egypt to talk with the new Terrorist leader.

The Economy: With the economy struggling and likely to have a GDP number around 1% where are the new ideas? Stimulus III? Fed action to ease more?

It is a very strange period of no news--just anti Romney ads.

THE MANNERED CAMPAIGN VS THE RANTS ? The calm collected campaign does offer a solace or 'political refuge'. ("When all about him are losing theirs ".) Surely the electorate seeks relief. Letting the opponent's self incriminations accumulate to a 'crescendo'at the Convention could well be the "coup de grace".
Here's hoping the allies 'rallye' sooner than later. Nice summary.

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