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July 12, 2012


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HAVING A BAD DAY? The President's woes continue day by day. Here's todays news for him to avoid talking about:

JOBS: Jobless claims up 34,000 now total 384,000.


MANUFACTURING: Production down.

HOUSING: Sale of existing houses DOWN 5%.

RUSSIA/CHINA: Veto UN attempt to put more pressure on ASSAD.

SYRIA: ASSAD flees capital as bombs kill top military aides. More civilians slaughtered by helicopter gunships supplied by Russia. Chemical and biological weapons moved. (Could these be the missing IRAQ stockpiles?)

CORN/Ethanol: Corn crop estimated to be down from 15 Billion to 12 Billion bushels. calls for elimination of Ethanol requirements in gasoline to lower price of Corn. Result: increase in gasoline prices once again.

BERNANKE: Europe a long way from solving their problems. No quatitative easing here (to help the President) yet.

SOLAR PLANT: Las Vegas solar plant ran through their $20M of stimulus "green" money in 14 months and closed the doors.

With days like this it is difficult to see what the President claims is going right on the road to a second term.

WHAT WAS HE THINKING? ----when the President slammed Small Business owners this weekend? As a small business owner and friend of hundreds I was not happy that my President decided to unveil his already exposed antibusiness owners bias. In a frantic almost hyterical out burst reminiscent of Howard Dean's eratic speech years ago the President started out trying to make a point that those of us who start businesses and succeed do so with the help of our employees. And, that is true. However, he continued on to further expose his big government bias telling us that we could not have done it without the help of government. By this point I was beginning to think I was once again watching not only Howard Dean but Al Gore as well who at one point took credit for inventing the internet.

In politics there are moments where candidates expose their true nature and there is a chance we will look back on this week as the moment the President lost it all. Credablilty, integrity and the ability to lead the economic sector that has made our nation great. This nation is a complex maze of businesses based on the willingness of individuals to take risk in return for the oportunity to freely create opportunity for those who will follow. From fur trappers, gold miners, railroad builders, pony express riders, stage coach companies, oil drillers, farmers, indian fighters to todays internet website creators, microprocessor inventors, movie makers, etc 9 million plus of us risk everything we have to create jobs for those who will follow us. For 38 years I have made a payroll every two weeks for a lot of very talented people who contributed to our success. In return they received great benefits, fair wages, equity, profit sharing and a lot of praise. The government receives more than $1,000,000 a year in taxes from the fruits of our work. In 38 years we have put more than 24,000 people to work. I have never seen the government encourage us one bit. All I ever see from the government is a barrier to success. Regulations about benefits, wages,opereations. Taxes, audits, penalties and paperwork. But, I understand that government can help.

In his desperate attempt to denegrate an opponent with a fantastic record of charity, business success, government service and community service the President stepped out of bounds and made a statement that millions of business founders will never forgive him for. Undoubtedly there will be workers in America who will rally to the call, but it is likely far more who appreciate the risk taking nature and jobs created by their business owners will finally abandon his ship. With a friend like him in charge who needs an enemy?

OBAMA'S ATTACK ON A CONCOCTED "ROMNEY FRAUD"; When these idiotic fabrications are 'cast'; it would be timely and appropriate for 'The Campaign' to return a "PILE DRIVER'. (Let's not repeat the '08 McCain 'walk lightly' strategy'.)If anyone in D.C. should be cautious about opeing oneself to 'FRAUD'; it's Mr.'O'. Anyone paying attention is hard pressed to recall a day without a law being circumvented or an OATH of office being shelved. Mr.'O' should expessly shy way away from comments concerning past behavior; I would think. If not, The Gates of H... should be brought down. No quater this time . Stakes are the highest.

Interesting thought. Pluses bright, international experience, woman, minority. Minuses BUSH,CHANEY,RUMSFELD reminders. There are only two requirements to be VP: First, be ready to step in as President and second be able to deliver an important state to the victory stand. It could be argued Rice might be ready to be President as Johnson and Ford were. But, can she deliver a state we need to win? I think her minority status and being a woman would definitely raise the count in the national popular vote but I'm not sure she can make the difference in the swing states. She would likely crush Biden in any debate.
RUSSIA: One didn't have to go beyond the pictures at the G 20 meeting to see the contest of wills going on with Obama and Putin. Putin is old guard Russian KGB and has a virtual stranglehold on the new Democratic Russia. He is the Russian equivalent of the "I" man. But, Russia, despite their move to support Assad, is a second class country and poses no real threat to the USA. Political chess, yes. Military confrontation, no. Iran and Al Queda are the dangers of the decade.
DEBT: The deficits are the real danger to America and liberals are determined to keep them coming. Liberals have no willingness to let Simpson-Boles ever be implemented. They have their eye on tax increases above 50% for the rich and US corporations.Reductions in spending on anything but defense will be met with strong opposition and they are making that clear.

BACK TO POKER; If 'O' raises Romney, one Hillary Clinton; he may have to 'see 'O',one Condi Rice. But like you said; "she did seem
sincere". They are,however, a tremendous compliment to each other .

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