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August 23, 2012


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Actually the piece on Fox says more about Fox being fair and balanced than anything else. The statement was by Sally Kohn, a Fox News contributor, who is a community organizer and runs a progressive (liberal) think tank. If you check wikipedia, you will know that there is nothing in her background that would support ANY Republican or anything a Republican said. And, as a Republican, I respect her right to think as she does. I just do not agree with her. This is going to be an election where the choices are clear. And from my small business perspective, there is only one choice! For the first time in four years, I have hope that my business will survive and grow.

Haven't seen the Fox criticism. Saw the speech and loved it. Actually, Morning Joe on MSNBC did also.

How do you deal with a Fox news account that says that "Ryan's speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatent lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech." ?

Dick G
California dreaming. Of many polls the least advantage is Obama +16.

SO FAR SO GOOD---watching the speeches at the RNC with friends of both parties makes me realize how far off the media-- even Chris Wallace of Fox-- are in knowing what normal people feel in America. For the most part the Republicans are trying to take the road most people want: honesty. And it is influencing many skeptical people to consider giving them the benefit of the doubt. Ann Romney easily cast off the portrayal of her husband as an anti women person and an out of touch rich guy. Christie used his own experiences with the tough issues in New Jersey to set the stage for some real leveling with Americans about the necessary road ahead. Governor Haley of SC showed how far Republican women have come in taking political leadership. It is Mrs.Romney,Haley, Condi Rice, etc who show the quality of Republican women and offset the less intelligent image that Sarah Palin was painted with last time around. But, make no mistake, Palin is no dummy, and behind the scenes she will have an impact on this election's outcome. Ryan then follows Christie's promise to talk the tough talk and the boyish man in plain talk challenges the Obama results and presents tough images of the road back to prosperity. At this point the convention, it's progression of messages, it's speaker selection and the class of individuals involved show just how good Mitt Romney is as a manager and leader. Something the "I" man cannot do: manage others to get things done in a positive fashion. Bring together people with different ideas to help solve problems and adjust. Tonight we will see how Mitt brings it all together--perhaps even bringing Clint Eastwood in to the mix. One of the greatest CEOs of all time GE's Jack Welch says this is the greatest Presidential candidate of his lifetime. As Reagan and Clinton followed Carter we now have the opportunity for Romney to follow Obama.

"THE FAT LADY IS SINGING";but she's not fat and was wearing a RED DRESS.

ROMNEY IS PLAYING 'CHESS'; I missed the 'crux' of it but the Theme was (win or loose) the overarching goal is the Country back on 'track' at least thru the Senate. If the path is without a victory in the White House; I believe you will see more Blocking Legal Action sponsored by him personally. We have already got a sample of it thru the attempted injunction against Napolitano.
I think that as people see the level this Candidate is on, they will not be able to refuse him the White House. Should Obama win, he will probably regret it.

I remember when Ford and Carter were running. I was in Tucson at the time. I recall every time I was in a bar having a beer I would listen to the anti-Nixon talk and Ford being blamed for Nixon's sins. The people talking were roughing up Ford for what Nixon did and voting for Carter just for that reason. A few times I entered the conversation and got people focused on the issues and off the emotion. It was pretty easy to get them back to their senses and willing to listen. Today I find the same thing: Obama is getting the benefit of the anti Bush insurance factor. Many people are leaning toward Obama despite admitting his policies are not working simply because they remember Bush. If you get them on the issues and the results of 4 years it is quite easy to turn them, even Democrats. Even Union members. I was in Pennsylvania with a group of Seniors from the Phily region. They were at wits end as they told me of their disappointment in Obama. Yes, they would vote for Romney but why? They were convinced that Obama would get all the Philly and Pittsburg votes and carry the day. But, they were going to give it their best and go to the polls. Romeny and Paul can win it but they have to overcome the antiBush fear factor and they have to inspire the confidence that going to vote is worth the effort. Today I talked with a northern Pennsylvania relative and she wanted to know if she voted for Romeny would it help? I told her to get everyone in the family and everyone she knows to go out and vote for him. And she will. She probably would have stayed home or since she was on the fence perhaps even vote for Obama. She's 80. Another example of the job Romney and Paul face but the apathy for Obama opens the door for them even in the blue states. Ronald Reagan won 49 of them and he can too. Obama's record as a man to get things done is weak even if he does have a few feathers in his hat on issues he made decisions on like pulling the trigger on Bin Laden. Meanwhile the man who gave him Bin Laden sits in a Pakistan jail.

Earlier this week I talked to a guy who grew up Republican but changed over in protest to the wars. He decided maybe we should feed the poor. I asked him how he thought Afghanistan was coming? Syria? Iran? And if he thought it might better to put people back to work instead of feeding 71,000,000 poor while importing 31,000,000 Mexicans to take their jobs. I think he will cautiously vote for Romney. It is there to be won but it won't be easy. Obama will paint all Republicans as fat cats who don't care. His record speaks for itself however.

I would be astonished if Romney came within 10 points of Obama in Caliifornia. However, this is a legitimate point. With all of the money and effort forcused on a dozen states, there could be an outlier in one of the secure red or blue states wandering off of the reservation. With any large data set there are always outliers for local or unexplainable reasons. The Red Sox even beat the Yankees every once in awhile, for example.

THE WINNING CONCEPT: SOMETIMES 'DOGMA' IS RESTRICTIVE TO THE POINT OF BLINDNESS. The Concept being 'SPENDING REFORM'VS 'SPENDING CUT'(THE BROAD TERM). This was demonstrated by the former CBO Chief in a debate on Kudlow with Robert Reich (former clinton Labor Sec).
One person understood the implications; one WOULD not. Even Mr Greenspan acknowleged several weeks ago that the improperly applied 'STIMULUS' actually caused a drop of 1% in GDP. The 'cause & effect' involve spending which can actually reverse job searching and 'short circuit' spending impact. The Revenue enhancement side of the budget induced from fair tax rates is yet another aspect of DOGMA blindness.

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