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August 30, 2012


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RIGHT ON SPOT----Clinton made the best case he could for Obama's reelection cleverly using himself as a model of experience and taking the opportunity to campaign for Hillary 4 years early. Basically it came down to "I been there" and we just need to give him more time--"he will succeed". So, when was Clinton ever there? The closest Clinton ever was to Obama's situation was when he passed on the opportunity to kill Bin Laden. As for the economy he defeated GHB because of the "read my lips no new taxes" compromise he made with Democrats that Clinton seized on to win. The economy he inherited had no similarity to the situation Obama inherited. The financial crisis, however, was already being treated with Bush's TARP bill. None the less in true Clinton style he made a great show for Obama's sake.

I actually watched the speech during the game and then again after the game. I thought it was interesting how long the speech was delayed waiting for Obama to sow up. Then finally later than most were awake I think it was announced Obama would join Clinton after the speech and he went on. Perhaps it was payback for something between them or perhaps Obama was late getting back from the golf course. But, the late night start and the football game had to take it's toll on the national audience.

Clinton is not usually a man of smoke and mirrors. But, last night he spent an hour showcasing his Presidency, bashing Congressional Republicans as if Senator Reid and Obama were constantly offering conpromises to their positions and bills passed in the House. If ONLY the republicans had caved in to the Democrats we would be much further along by now. BUT, give Obama another 4 years and he will produce! I suspect he will. He will produce another $5T in debt. He will have Bernanke put another Trillion or two dollars on the Fed balance sheet and circulate another 2 Trillion in printed dollars. He will put the throttle on the only thriving industry we have in America: oil and gas now keeping Pennsylvania, the Dakotas and Texas afloat. He will solidify his healthcare changes. He will issue Executive order upon order to implement social change and environmental suicide. And, businesses will continue to seek their revenues overseas.He will continue to decimate the military. And, he will continue to put the world in a currency printing war as a substitute for econmic responsibility and entitlement reform.

Meanwhile, Hillary will begin her campaign and financing for her run to carry on. What a great husband he is! Right, Monica? Reminds me of the opening of the convention when Dems declared the late Teddy Kennedy the "champion of women's rights". I suspect Mary Jo's parents might disagree. Oh and so might the girl assaulted by his nephew while he wandered about in his drunken stupor. Or his ex wife who finally gave up. Some things in politics are really puzzling. Don't think the Dems could come up with a real role model? Maybe John Edwards?

NOT TO MENTION OBAMACARE; Lady Doctor summarizes 2700 pages and the admin thereof:


A FEW THOUGHTS---brilliantly composed speech last night by the First Lady and delivered with style. I thought it was designed to mimic and counter the speech of Ann Romney which basically presented the Romneys as people who give back in both money and service. Michelle made the case that despite his $15,000,000 in earnings the past three years the President has somehow forsaken the big bucks to serve his fellow Americans in depressed areas of the country. She also mirrored Ann's testimony that Mitt was a great family man and father to his boys by telling us that despite his 121 rounds of golf and his job as President he is too a great family man and father. So perhaps the First Couple did not watch "a minute" of the Republican Convention but the strategists and the speech writers did. Hopefully, it wasn't written by Biden or we could be looking at a VP impeached for plagiarism (joke). So I give a tie to the ladies.

A few attempts to mislead yesterday:

George W Bush passed the TARP bill and even knowing Democrats were willing to admit it was that act that saved the financial system. It also provided the funds that were loaned to GM and Chrysler for the bailout. Obama followed through on both of those initiatives. ALL of the GM and TARP funds have not been paid back.

The bailout did help restructure GM and Chrysler at the expense of US Taxpayers and the GM creditors and shareholders. Romney and Republicans might have taken the bankruptcy approach which would have been a different method using the courts rather than the Feds. But, GM and Chrysler would likely still exist and perhaps not produce the VOLT. Note FORD turned down the bailout and is perhaps stronger today than GM or Chrysler.

The resurgence of the auto industry, it can be argued, had more to do with the earthquake's impact on Japanese car companies than Fed money. Both Honda and Toyota led the spike in auto sales in August. The Toyota hybrid Prius leads the electric car market. Ironically, the leading American car sold in August in America was FULL SIZE pick up trucks. Not good news for global warming concerns.

The Iraq draw down was another Bush initiative followed through by Obama. The Afghanistan half hearted surge was all Obama's and he is now mired in a strategy in pause while he runs for reelection. He recently halted training of Afghan security forces to stop the killing of US trainers. And, yet he has stated we will be there for decades. Still the Dems claim he ended two wars.

The economy: 8.3 % unemployment for nearly his full term. GDP at 1.7%. Forclosures still at a record high. 23 Million people unemployed or under employed. Mortgage loan applications dropped 2.5% last week. 40-70 Million people on food stamps.

The Debt: $16 Trillion and climbing $1.3 Trillion a year.

Stimulus: Dems argued last night that the stimulus bill has renewed American infrastructure and create 4.5 million new jobs in the past 29 months. First, only 3% of the stimulus money went to Infrastructure. That is a drop in the bucket and modernized virtually nothing. It basically built parks and paved roads. Second, Ronald Reagan created 1 million jobs a month in the final 7 months of his administration setting the stage for the credit given to Clinton's economic performance. Third, if there has been any credit for the economic performance it goes to the Fed and their printing of money. In less than 4 years the Fed has taken on $500 Billion dollars of new debt buying US bonds and printng money to insert into the economy to create consumer demand. Bernanke has begged the President and the Congress to take fiscal responsibility for this country. No leadership from this President--just finger pointing.

CLINTON--tonight Clinton will try his best to get this guy reelected. Not because he believes in him or thinks he's doing a great job. No he will do it for personal reasons: Hillary. If Obama loses then Hillary will likely lose to Romney in 2016. But, if he can get Obama another term then Hillary will have a clearer shot at defeating a non incumbent candidate in 2016. It's best to understand how a defiant Clinton one day can become a cooperative Clinton the next. Self interest.

Can't wait for tonight and the Dallas-Giants game--oops I mean Clinton and Biden!

"REPUBLICAN THINKING"; I agree it's worrisome at times, but there's nothing to compare it to.

CLINT AND MITT---I must admit Clint is my movie hero. And, my first impression of his speech made me think I was watching a nervous walk on who had forgotten what he wanted to say. Perhaps he had a few too much whisky enroute from Monterrey. But, once I settled in knowing full well that one of the great talents of the movie world would not be shy and confusing without a purpose I began to understand the message. It was indeed all about the empty chair. The President who voted present as a Senator. The President few can remember in college. The President with no business experience. The President with 121 rounds of golf during our economic and military turmoil. The President with only 2 cabinet meetings in 2012. The President who could not enter the negotiations to save the country from entering into the fiscal cliff. The President who could not garner one vote for his last two budget proposals. The President who fails to lead on Iran,Afghanistan,Syria, immigration, Russia and the exploding deficits. The President missing from action yet still expecting the country to reelect him.

And, Mitt. Mitt got a B+ from me. No he cannot entertain like Ronald Reagan. But, he can make me feel like there is finally a competent alternative to lead us to some common ground on issues that desperately need to be solved. I am so weary of the biased salesmanship of politicians who only see things one way--their way. Who only care about elections and their base. He will never be and has never been an "empty chair". He will get both sides of the aisle engaged. He will comprmise. He will lead. It matters little that he ignored the military issues. Americans right now are focused on the problems here. The problems Obama promised to fix.

STEM WINDING; Although I never thought of Mitt Romney as a 'stem winder'; his Ohio presentation had them 'rock'n ' in the SWING STATE.

I hate republicans thinking, because they want womens to lose their rights, which results in unhealthy life.

RULES; We've just recently experienced SAMPLES of 'strong arm' LEGISLATING during the course of the present Administrations' antics. Although I never heard many Details; hopefully the perps will be ferreted out thru Tea Party members.
It's a shame; after such an exemplary demonstration of political leadership.

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