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September 20, 2012


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You honestly outdid yourself with this. I'm impressed

RE ELECTION? I may be wrong but I see no way for this guy to be re elected no matter what the polls say. 3 hours agao I posted this on NBC and here are the results:

The empty chair has a plan? Re election is his plan. GDP growth revised to 1.3% and going backwards. This is slow progress?

Agree 39 Disagree 5

Somewhere there is a disconnect between the polls and the guy on the street.

BAIN INVESTORS REVEALED: Yesterday it was revealed that not only do many OBAMA donors invest heavily in BAIN Capital but so do the pension funds of many of the public Unions of teachers, firefighters,police etc. So, while they all want to listen silently as Obama and Biden blast away at Romney's evil capitalistic venture capital fund they have no problem using it to secure their wealth and future retirement. Such are the hypocrites of the left. All of the so called "social justice" entities found to be investors in Bain are now listed in the newspaper.

STUDENT LOANS: This month student loans reached an all time high. Nearly 28% of ALL American households now owe the government for their tudent loans. Remember at the convention how Obama crowed about how he "fixed" the student loan system? I think our ex students now owe the Federal Government more than 2 Trillion dollars. If a college education makes American workers more productive and valuable then why can't they pay their bills?

HOUSING MARKET: All this hype about the resurgent housing market--is it real? Foreclosures still number in the millions. Interest rates are still at record lows. Sales increases and price increases can be measured in single digits on a base of about 20% of the 2008 sales and value figures. 2 or 3% of 20% is less than 1% of the 2008 figures.

FOREIGN POLICY: ASSAD still rules and kills. Egypt slowly turns toward the radical side. Libya fails to protect our people who are tortured,raped and slaughtered. Iranian leadership lectures us. Afghanistan clearly reveals itself finally as another Vietnnam and the President suspends joint conbat operations. More allies leave.Our President refuses to meet with the leader of Isreal and the leader of Germany visiting here.Meanwhile with the weight of saving Europe on their backs Germany goes it alone. What foreign policy?

NO 'SIMPSON- BOLLES',RENIG ON 'GRAND BARGAIN', Nov 2010 -2011;Richard Miniter ('Leading From Behind') suggests that following the terrifying 2010 Election; Dem Caucuses (elected because of their spending talents)insist on NO SPENDING CUTS. New president (President Reid ?) reverses the DEAL with Boener. This also 'begs' the question; what is Obama's hidden AGENDA and what is he up to with all of this 'sparetime' ?

WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY CHOOSE THIS GUY ;was explained this week-end on CSPAN (Book)by Richard Miniter (a 'Times'-defector, author),author of 'Leading From Behind'. The 'show'at the White House is revealed. Obama may have been President in name only. "The first two years it seems, we were served by de facto President Pelosi". A surrogate to the Presidency, a new scheme.

Great blog and Dick, I do like your thoughts.

"THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES";is what I believe most Romney supporters
fail to 'factor in' at this point. If you recall, a couple of months leading up to the Conventions; Romney commented about one possible option to 'boost' economic confidence. The suggestion was instantly copyrighted by Valerie Jarret. In fact the interviewer light-heartedly suggested she simply hire Romney and her problems would be solved (odly enough, the Administration had sought help from Bain people in the past).
The Campaign is hesitant to 'unload' prior to the all important DEBATES. I believe that had Romney laid it all out too early , the Press would have defused and mis- represented the facts; there- fore 'dilluting'the effectiveness of it all. Unfortunately,tactics in such an environment must be carefully calculated.

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