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October 04, 2012


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Romney's 'BIG MEDIA MO'; The political 'wind' may be too strong for even the Media to endure. (1) Ann Romney-guest hostess GMA (2) The Admin. deceives the Media on Benghazi and CNN & WH Press Corps retalliate.(3) Brooks from the NY Times thinks The Romney-Ryan 'competitive choice'private sector, healthcare plan, might be the only chance of success. (4) 'Big Bird'& ELMO say "STOP IT". No one likes a LOOSER.
As they say in Baseball; tonight's a CRUCIAL.

AN ADMINISTRATION UNRAVELS: So, now the word "jobs" is still nowhere to be seen in Obama's speeches or the Democratic ads. Instead the subject is Big Bird and Elmo (used in the context of the OJ incident). It is unprecedented that an incumbent cannot even try to defend his record and that a VP is sequestered. Biden has not been on the major networks in months and the President has not faced the press for 2 weeks. And, to his embarrassment Sesame street has asked the Big Bird ads be withdrawn.

The Libya situation unravels as the State Department turns on the White House. Meanwhile Syria continues to boil. Iran races to Nukes. China "stimulates" economy--more printing of money to weaken currency--continuing the US led race to devalue worldwide.

Romney surges in the polls and the White House and liberal media panics into an all out assault on Romney's numbers. Meanwhile the Administration has had no numbers (except red ink for 4 years)and no budget to offer.

NY's Schumer attempts to torpedo the Senate compromise on the Fiscal cliff by demanding more taxes on the rich. Operating as Obama's proxy as the "tax the rich" theme seems to be backfiring on the President since the debates.

The more they panic and the more desperate they appear the more the voters turn away from them.

JOE TRIPEE COMMENT; "twenty minutes into the DEBATE, Republican internet 'voter registrations' began to double, and is continuing to do so."

JACK WELCH CONFIRMED 5% 'GDP' REQM'T; In order to achieve the Dept of Labor Statistics' 7.8% Unemployment. Confirmed on 'Larry Kudlow".

PER CENT UNEMPLOYMENT CHANGES VS GDP ; Statement was made today (Limbaugh Advisor)that the changes in the usual 'unemployment rate' reported over the last few months would require a GDP of 4-5 %.
In need of confirmation but it sounded correct. (Probably meant under a constant 'workforce' no..)

JOBS? 114,000 new jobs is a number 36,000 below what is needed to employ the new people coming on line. This unemployment number today of 7.8% was not likely a manufactured number by the political hacks it was likely the result of the fall season prompting more Americans who had given up looking for work to go out and try and find a job --any job for Christmas. Perhaps the president can influence the numbers--after all this is the same Labor Department that put out the notice to Defense contractors to ignore the law to give employees 60 days notice of layoffs. But, it is more likely that even that move was a precurser to an announcement by Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid that the have agreed to "kick the can down the road 6 months" on the Bush tax hikes and the sequestration --the so called fiscal cliff in order to calm the business world and give the new Congress time to come up with a different set of penalties. We'll see. In any case 114,000 jobs is woeful going into the holiday season and does not bode well for future jobs for anyone. The defense contractors will begin their layoffs, as will struggling businesses like HP.

ROMNEY ABLE TO HANDLE HEALTHCARE TOPIC DE'MYTH'TIFIED;Santorum's concern was 'aired' last night when about 10 items of Mass Healthcare's superiority were itemized by the Candidate. A few from memory:hiring penalties - NO, tax increases - NO,Insurance cost increases - NO, Death Panels - NO. Seem to remove the matter altogether and allowed Romney to freely discuss it.
(I'm sure Chicago has some Election 'loophole' which will allow someone from S.C to vote for Dr Bellar)

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