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October 25, 2012


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POLITICIANS DISPENSING MONEY AGAIN; "SPEND NOW 'BUST'LATER". 'Atlantic City' the first coastal town to be up and running. Especially after experiencing the mistakes of an irrational response to the 'Crash'. Christi appeals to an irrational 'Obama' wrather than a rational resourceful source.

"ALL IN" POKER WAR for Presidential dollars for relief. In another stunning move for FEMA and other dollars for their turf the Republican Mayor of NY City endorses Obama effectively going "All In" for dollars. Less than a day after NY Governor Cuomo argued for the Feds to cover 90-100% of NY's cost rather than the normal 75% other states have gotten NY City Mayor Blomberg raises the bet against NJ's Chris Christie by endorsing the President. Christie merely made the case the day before that NJ was the hardest hit state in the nation, praised Obama,blasted Fox for their question "if he would take Romney on the damage assessment trip" , and then followed up with an Obama trip around the shoreline.

All this indicates that it IS INDEED a competition for the Fed dollars, and the President's attention. I guess 5 days before the election you can maximize your bargaining power if you are dealing with a President in trouble.

On the more cynical side perhaps this is the way to the Presidency for themselves. After all Bloomberg is at best an independent and could likely be swayed into the Democratic Party. Cuomo and Christie already wildly popular in their parties Presidential futures race.

And then there is the possibility that this is just Chicago politics at it's finest. I hope not.

ROMNEY SHOULD NOT MISS ANY OPPORTUNITY HERE. As this President efforts to cash in on 'Sandy'; Romney should let him move 'FORWARD'with any typical irrational plan to 'PRINT" up Treasury Funds. Romney will hopefully provide a 'Hybrid', private/public option, after private liabilities have been evaluated.
Let them not repeat the hastily concocted TARP scheme and misrepresent actors like AIG.

SOME THOUGHTS--to his credit NJ Gov Christie gave credit to the President for his support in the storm and blasted Fox for their suggestion that he would have Romney tour the damage with him.

--For some odd reason Governor Cuomo of NY decided to run through his disaster experience as a prelude to his thoughts on Sandy and then decided to call it the worst disaster he has been invlolved in including Hurricane Andrew and the California earthquake. To what can we attribute this "review of my record" and measure of the "worst?" Similarly, Governor Christie decided to compare the damage in NJ to that in all other states and declare his state was hit the "worst". How could either of these politicians know? There had been little assessment of damage yet, no death toll and the storm was still in process.Is it a competative event to talk the President into disaster relief funds? I will attribute it to being politicians emerged in a highly emotional event on their home turf.

BRIAN WILLIAMS--tried to get the weatherman on air to attribute the storm (and all recent storms by the way) to global warming. Brian, can't we just report the news and debate global warming later? I could make the argument that it was caused by the recent huge solar eruption. This was a category 1 hurricane that happened to combine land fall with high tides right after a full moon at the same time a large cold air mass arrived from Canada. Mother nature happens.Mainstream media does it's thing.

FOX does too--Geraldo and Juan Williams, to their credit--a battling with Hannity and others on Fox claiming Fox is blowing the Embassy situation out of porportion for political purposes. Juan is a liberal who I respect. Geralso is pretty tied into the military and his position is that a lot of the claims of failure to respond in real time are not true. He does, at the same time, add that there are a lot of questions about why the Embassy and others were not reinforced PRIOR to 9-11 and wants Fox to focus on that rather than the 4-6 hours after the attack. To their credit Fox has not "shut down Geraldo or Juan".

GM: Did you know? GM recorded huge profits once again perhaps as much as $7B. Normally when a company goes through bankruptcy they cannot carry forward their losses after reorganization. However, in GM's case they (as well as AIG) were given a special allowance to carry forward an estimated $45B in losses indefinitely. This means that despite taxpayer money being used to fund their reorganization they will not pay taxes on their first $45B in profits effectively allowing the company to use that money to pay back the government. You think any non union small business in America can get a deal like that?

FINALLY--there is hope in the air! Gallup reports that Romeny leads 52-47 in early voting. Early voting is supposed to be an advantage for Obama. If this is any indication of the mood of the country then 2010 could be repeated. The administration has now had to rush Bill Clinton into Minnesota to try and plug another leak in a state thought to be solid Blue.

TO THE ADMINISTRATION--Dick, I can assure you that the administration gets my messages. It all comes down, as you know, to a fundamental difference of views on America. "Take from the rich and give to others versus "support the free enterprise system and employ others to give them the opportunity to learn, gain experience and succeed."

THOMAS JEFFERSON warned: "The Democracy will cease to exist when you take from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense taking care of them. He also said: "It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes."

--Went to William and Mary at 16
--Started a legal practice at 23
--Wrote the Declaration of Independence at 33
--Was Governor of Vurginia at 36
--Served in Congress at 40
--Was Secretary of State for Geroge Washington at 46
--Was Vice President at 53
--Became head of the Republican Party at 55
--Was President at 57
--Obtained the Louisiana Purchase doubling the size of the US at 60
--Was reelected President at 61
--Helped write the Monroe Doctrine at 80
--created the University of Virginia and served as it's President at 81
--Died at 83 on the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Declaration of Indepence.

What would he think today of what we have done to his visions?

COUNTER INTUITIVE EMPLOYMENT BARRIERS ; The facts emerging in the previous employability discussion; in 'REPORT FROM THE HEARTLAND', have to be conveyed to sympathetic radio/news outlets. This is as crucial in 'contested states' as 'Benghazi gate'. The Administration's inability to recognize obscure relationships is a failing of non-cooperative policies and should be exposed .

REPORT FROM THE HEARTLAND: For those of you interested in the state of American jobs here is my latest report. I have been the owner of an Executive Search firm for more than 38 years. I have about 15 friends who own employment agencies, contract search firms and contingency search firms aound the country. Every 6 months we meet to discuss the state of our economy and the jobs markets to help each other. Saturday I returned from our most recent meeting. The results were staggering. All of the companies are struggling to keep revenues above the red line with one exception: the one office that has focused on the oil and gas industry. The rest of us who are focused on other industries are struggling to keep our employee base as our clients struggle with the current conditions. It is not getting better no matter what you hear on the news. The impact of regulations and healthcare cost increases is devastating. The uncertainty of taxes, government budgets and financial reforms are playing a role in the lack of growth. The fastest growing two industries in America: Education and healthcare. The employement in these two areas has continued unabated by the recession. Those of you who teach and say it can't be--I understand.I too was shocked by the education grosth figures. The growth in education is in the Universities and private educational services.

THE HOUSING MARKET is the driver of upper level unemployemnt. You will constantly hear from the administration that there is a need for more higher educated engineers in America. And, it is true that there are around 3M engineering jobs open around the country. However, there are plenty of people to take those jobs--it is not an education problem. It is a Housing problem. People are stuck in houses they cannot sell in markets far from where the jobs are and that is the problem. Until the economy is allowed to improve and until the housing market once again returns to liquidity jobs will remain open.

Over the last 18 months the primary growth in hiring--believe it or not-- is in the sector of people who did not graduate from high school. I do not know where they are getting the jobs or what they pay but that is where the Obama jobs growth is coming. I did not make it up. Perhaps they are going to McD's or out into the oil fields to lay pipe or working on the shovel ready roads.

To change all this the country needs a leader who understands the economic system. Businesses generate payrolls and hire people. People buy houses and goods and services and raise kids. The government's job is to take as little as possible to protect and facilitate the perpetuation of the system. Not take as much as possible and break the system. people may like all the extra stuff but they are now waking up to the nightmare of excess spending. It must end.

TWO THINGS ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS that makes class warfare disgusting to them:

1. They are trying to achieve the "RICH" category so they can hang with the super rich,over educated "Liberals".

2. At this point they are trying to AVOID becoming a member of the Obama favored class: the under educated poor.

HOW ABOUT THE AFGHAN 30 (SEALS) vs THE BENGHAZI 4; we have forgotten way too soon. When it comes to The POLITIZATION of our 'troops in harms way'; the 'Bin Laden Raid' exploitation by the Administration should be 'front and center'. Thirty days approx. after revealing SEAL # 6 and their tactics of a 'follow on' 30 man helicopter; they are all ambushed & killed. Should this President be 'let off that hook'? Amateur indeed ! No shortage of 'hooks'.

A 'GENERAL' "ELITE SLICE". On Wednesday, Colin Powell was out-maneuvered 359-1 by former Army, Navy, and Marine Generals & Admirals. Included were: former Army Gen. Tommy Franks, former Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James Conway, former CINCPAC, Adm. Timothy Keating, and former Joint Chiefs Chairman Army Gen. Hugh Shelton. Shelton was under Clinton during ops. in Kosovo. Shelton had also endorsed Hillary Clinton in '08. This entire 'elite cadre' has formed a Military Advisory Council for seeing Mitt Romney elected.

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