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October 11, 2012


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My first time posting here.
When I thought there was no room left for this President to perpetuate any more misdeeds on America I had to witness a mass disproportion of untruth regarding the Consulate attack and loss of four Americans on U.S. soil. I am at a loss of words of the character of this man and the desperation of the people that elected him.
In today's Rasmussen Poll the president is polling below the Mitt Romney by 7%.....
When cornered can we expect something like Joseph Stalin once said in the next 3 weeks:
"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes."
In the next debate he cannot run from his disastrous Foreign Policy!
This guys 'nose' gets longer every time he speaks!

"PRINTING"; I too wonder why we have never heard any reference to this procedure by the Candidate. In a campaign speech, Romney went so far as warning Bernanke of his dismissal in a Romney Administration. There is more than just a slight measure of calculation here.

MITT missed his opportunity this time. In a debate poorly moderated and with the deck stacked slightly against him on the selection of the questions Mitt Romney let the President off the ropes with missed opportunities to deliver severe damage to his opponent. The biggest miss was on the Libya debacle. The question to the President was about the failure to provide security increases BEFORE the attack based on requests from the Embassy and the obvious 9-11 date. The President deftly slipped the conversation to what he did upon hearing of the attack. Romney took the bait and weakly went to the campaign trip to Las Vegas rather than asking why security increases were ignored and WHY the Secretary Of State thinks she was resposible when clearly either the President or failing that the National Security advisor were not "at home" when the call came in and responded to it. Pretty hard to believe neither of the TOP GUNS for American security were involved. This is going to eventually become known as the "Holder Defense Strategy" and will perhaps be this President's legacy.

The second big mistake was to fail to address women's equal pay directly. The fact that Romney had the most women in his Mass Administration in the country was good but the story of why was fuzzy at best. It would have been better to simply support women's pay and equality in the workplace and move on. His point about unemployed women probably was a weak winner.

The third biggest mistake was on the gun issue. You don't have to stand for everything and in the case of semiautomatic weapons it would have been much better to simply say I want guns for hunting, sport and self defense allowed. I do not support the sale of weapons to be used for mass killings. Then let Obama blast away at past stances.

The 4th missed opportunity was as the President continued to list his things he said he had accomplished (Iraq War, death of Bin Laden, wall Street reform) to add to those direcctly the things he did not do he said he would: reduce unemployment dramatically, get the economy going, reduce the deficit dramatically, transparency, etc.

Romney also failed to use the endless printing of currency by the Fed as the biggest reasons Obama can claim the Chinese currency has increased in value 9%. He didn't force them to increase it the Fed decreased ours. The transistion of the Chinese COMMUNIST government this spring (2013) has resulted in their own election largesse. After the transistion they will be far more aggressive in stimulating their manuufacturing again. This paper printing is the reason for increased gas, food, untility prices as well as the only reason for the rise of the stock market. These items are all repricing themselves in devalued dollars. Unfortunately, our salaries and house values are not doing the same. And, inflation is taking place. Gasoline has gone from $1.86 to $4.10 in an environment of increased domestic prductionand exporting of gasoline. Corn from $2 bu to $9 a bu. With much of the crop committed to Ethanol production further increasing gasoline prices. Romney should have jumped on those items as well.

Despite her promises to Romney for more time later the moderator never caught up. It may have been my impression but it appeared she gave the President the first and third positions while confining Romney most times to the First and second positions. He only got 3rds--the most powerful position of rebuttal --if he gfought for them and she often denied him rebuttal forcing him to use the next question time to do so.

In the end however, the President lost big time on energy permits on public lands. He continued to lose on jobs and unemployemnt and this mornings return of higher jobless claims will give Romney more juice on Jobs which is where he needs to stay.

'STILL NO KNOCK OUT';Hard to believe but I think Romney got so tired of stopping the initial 'wave' of mis-representations; he took a different 'tac' for awhile. All of the misrepresentations did become obvious to the audience as it wore on. Obama, feeling that his 'game' may be ringing a bit 'hollow'; resorted to the; "I belive in "INDIVIDUALITY', SELF RELIANCE, AND THAT GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS", emergency script. AMAZING (no mention at all)
He and Biden went for style and dam the facts. It'll be a shame if it ever worked. Romney has to wait for the openings and pounce.
Maybe next time Champ. With 'Factcheck'; Obama loses. On impression; he could have won.

TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM? People ask me why Hillary would take one for Obama? To get him reelected of course! Hillary will likely not be able to beat an incumbent Romney but she has a chance of beating a rookie in 2016. So, desperate to get Obama a second term she takes one for him. Of course he never knew of the threat on 9-11. It just didn't occur toe the CIC that Al Queda would attack on that day.

Can you believe it? Following warnings (post Bin Laden raid) from Chief of Staff, Dempsey ("STFU"), his own SEC/DEF, and the Navy Secretary , of the 'Declassification' of Seal Team 6 ID's & tactics ; he has again released tactical information :ships,'Black Ops' and Drone Ops. being landed upon Lybia. As a Mil. Commander per se;could he not be at least 'sensored', (with an ACTION in progress ) ?

TEACHERS 50-50; Sure is becomming evident where 'misdirection' might be comming from. Attended a mini seminar Monday at a local college (grandaughter considering the school) . Speaker was President- National Association of Independent Colleges. Theme was: "Liberal Arts Education programs were under assault in the halls of Washington." He was resisting the idea of any srutinization; despite the admitted huge rise in Govm't aid (300%) and 50% 'shortfall'in employment results. I don't get it. It's as if any question of the 'Left'(and he was) is a violation of some purity. (harking back to the civil Rights Movement; he spoke about 'Selma'(60's) but completely overlooked Little Rock in '57.
Most random political interviews on campuses tell all .

MORE FROM THE FOLKS--went to my 50th High School reunion last week. Since 33 of the surviving 53 showed up it was a chance to talk with the people raised in the southwest. This is a small and very successful school from the old days of teacher discipline and very competitive students both on the athletic fields and in the classrooms. Not an exact count but 80% college graduates many with math,science and engineering degrees. Our fair share of teachers and governemnt workers. Some IBM VPs. A nuclear engineer. A math teacher at UCLA. Several IT guys. About 50% have migrated out of Nevada most still in the west but scattered around enough to give a flavor of the election possibilities. A few public union members included. The final count: my guess 65%-35% Romney. Teachers 50-50. The rest 75-25 Romney. In general just a feeling that the President has just not done the job. And, cannot defend his performance so he and the VP spend their time on personal attacks that no one cares about. These are the 68 year olds of which most have been retired for 10 years and kids are grown.

DISTRACTION,DISRUPTION & DUPLICITY; not only a page from tonights' Debate but has also become 'The New Normal' in responsiveness..to both opponent and constituent. The 2008 & 2012 campaigns also bore a remarkable resemblance to Mr Chavez's fraud riddled election. Who incidently, endorsed our 'freedom fighting ' pres..
From the very beginning, Mr Biden,although very self assured,resorted to 'bold face' lies when denying any knowledge of Benghazi's request for the enhanced security team to remain. Then another 'joker'; "Solyndra was totally cleared of any chronyism or fraud". Pretty hard to swallow if you were listening to the charges against Admin. lawyers for authorizing Gov. loans to be 'subordinated'(2nd mortgage) (direct violation)to the interest of private investors (Obama donators). Plus the 'capper'is Senate Candidate, Elizabeth Warren's inability to track 'Stimulus Expenditures'. "Oh well; on to the Sen. Campaign", really nothing I could see here folks".

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