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November 01, 2012


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'RED TAPE',YOU WERE SAYING ? ; This AM, W-O-R-D Radio in Spartanburg received phone calls that probably won't appear on national television. 1st, a Tree Service working in New Jersey claim work (ESPECIALLY ELECTRICAL) is being seriously hampered by enforcement of 'Union Only' Regulations. 2nd,Generator manufacturer unable to ship requested units due to ambiguities and 'start/ stop'orders from FEMA. Shipper suspects "Right to work" States being omitted.
3rd, Military member asks dad to call into radio station to report that Absentee Ballots were taken away from units he is aware about and not returned. Ballots were surrendered 5 weeks ago. Service member added;"one person in MY entire unit was in support of Obama". Had enough yet ?

UTIL. TRUCKS FROM TEXAS POWER; also get turned back . Non union workers will not be allowed into an emergency Federalized FEMA situation. So the NLRB has made 'inroads' into Emergency Operations, as well. MORBAMA.

IS IT ANY WONDER ? If cooperation, and a regular exchange of ideas will foster expansion; but the Administration's divisive strategies foster recession; then the 'motives' are obvious. Why does 50% of the Electorate think that it is appropriate to overturn the system.

"NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE" (Ram Emanuel,2009); when left to their own methods and policies, DISASTER RAISES IT'S COSTLY HEAD. Reported from The Alabama Power Company in Decatur. All of their Trucks have been turned back to Alabama by the controlling agency in NJ & NY (presumably FEMA).
Any 2nd thoughts there Gov Christi ? YOU opened the door !

COMPENTENCY AND TRUST---are in short supply in politics. Luckily, as legendary former GE CEO Jack Welch says, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect in Mitt Romney, the most qualified man to be President in our lifetime. A Romney victory can alter the future of America for generations as he is man who will bring competence,compromise,leadership and openess not only to the White House but to government as well. He is a man who know that you cannot solve problems battling with each other. You must come together and work out solutions for the common good. You must have plans and budgets to fund them. You must execute them. You must invite ideas and compromise to include some of them. Romney did not make millions of dollars not knowing how to execute the fundamental basics of leadership, management and responsibility.

I think it is clear to the American people that what we have today is not what Romney represents and I trust them to make the right choice for their children. We'll see Tuesday night. Vote--even if you disagree.

COMPETENCY & TRUST; Let me see. We no longer trust the competency of: R Adm Charles M. Gaouette, Gen Carter Ham or Gen Dunford (Asst CMC) but we do trust Nanci Pelosi's pick for President four years ago from Chicago. A person with no substantive identification,blacked out educational records and known radical affiliations. WHAT COULD GO WRONG ?

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