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November 15, 2012


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GOOD FOR BERNANKE--Fed Chairman increased pressure on law makers today saying the Fed did not have the tools to offset the Fiscal Cliff. As they sit and try to hammer out a deal Bernanke poured more gas on the flames while the economy burns down. Headed into Black Friday and the beginning of the nation's biggest retail season a deal could jump start the economy for the first quarter. Let's hope we hear an announcment before the Holiday season begins. And, a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you.

HISPANICS---are the key to Republican future wins if there are to be any. Hispanic vote in Florida,Ohio,Colorado,Virginia,Nevada to name a few sealed Romney's fate. We can either ignore these people and lose or bring a significant segment of them in to the party and win.

SOCIAL MEDIA--requires bright young IT aware worker bees who get the system improved and competative with the White House's before summer. Without it the Congressional campaign will be light years away from the fund raising efforts of the Dems. And, the tie in to younger voters.

EDUCATION and WOMEN's RIGHTS--you can be anti abortion without being anti women. And, you can be for improving education without supporting only a voucher system. I could write a book on the weaknesses of the American school system. Republicans need to get on with opening up their views to new approaches.

LEADERSHIP--the National Party leaders have created a weird set of competing factions. Their spokesmen come from way back to Reagan years. Let's get the young Governors and Congress members into the leadership positions and energize the ideas and the personnel. Note how well Obama's people managed Biden during the campaign by keeping him focused on his base of Unions and blue collar workers. Anywhere you needed a "hip" intellect they sent Obama.

HEALTHCARE--as much as I do not like it Healthcare is now in place. Forget repeal and get on with fixing it. If the Republicans do not "fix it" by 2016 it will be well on it's way to being a single payer system. And, likely there will be no turning back.

IT'S NO WONDER, NO AGREEMENTS. Yesterday, the Master Economic Advisor, Ben Stein, claimed; "Reagans' tax theory was false and that Reagan realized revenue increases only because he raised taxes every year after his first." Yet, available charts show taxes falling in every bracket for 1980-1990; while revenues rose 1.6% of GDP over the same period. First it's Petraeus, now Ben ? Maybe we should SECEDE. (South Carolina-35,000 signatures, 'schocking')

NOTHING NEW;from Roosevelt's 3rd Campaign in 1938, 3 major newspapers quoted his primary confidant, Harry Hopkins with:

"We shall tax and tax, and spend and spend, and elect and elect."
(Attributed to HARRY L. HOPKINS, administrator of the Works Progress Administration,from Battleby.com)
Of course they had their 'Cliff' also, called WWII.

Besides re-educating PAC media, let's teach the Republican Party publicists to write SUPERIOR PSAs that would be read on stations looking to fill their required minimum of Public Service Announcements! That's FREE airtime for important issues.

THE UNMENTIONED 'DEMOGRAPHIC'; that which required 30 competent Governors to counter a single incompetent. Pray they do not 'secede'.

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