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November 22, 2012


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THE 'JIU JITSU'NEGOTIATION;or use of the opponents 'MO'. EXTREME BARGAINS are the only thing an 'Extremist' will respond to. Both an extremely high,and rediculous tax reform proposal , coupled with a 'NO VOTE on 'DEBT CEILING '. One extreme TAX RATE of 90%, for example, could be levied on Hollywood styled immoral entertainment. .

"THE CLIFF" NOT MENTIONED. Washington cannot run a business, or a postal operation it seems; but it can probably "run the dollar" into oblivion. By side-stepping The Budget process, and eliminating the accompanying transparency; have they caused us to lose site of the 'maturing/rollover' rate of the DEBT ? A 2010 Chart projected a 5 yr average rollover thru 2015. If this means that 16 trillion dollars is rolled-over in 5 years (3.2 tril/yr)and probably 40% of that will be 'printed', as in the DEFICIT situation; where are we really ? Would the 'printed' funds of the DEFICIT and ROLLOVER total {40% of (3.2 Tril + 1.2 Trill DEFICIT)} ? If factual,then over 10% of GDP is counterfeit and adding directly to INFLATION/DEVALUATION. Where am I going wrong ?

GM NOW A DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY R&D LAB? Ok today the government backed GM announced that they are in for the long haul on the all electric car with their newest model the compact: "Spark". They held off on telling what it's range is saying it'll be competitive. Hmmm 83% of all American cars on the road are all gas. 1.2% of them are Hybrids. And, an incredible 8,000 of them are all electric. The "Spark" will sell for $25,000. And, GM said they will announce more all electric models. Luckily for American taxpayers GM plans a big marketing campaign in China where gas is more expensive for the Volt,Spark combo.

With the US Post Office announcing this week that their losses increased from $1.5B in 2011 to $15.9B in 2012 we can see how good the US Government is at the running of businesses. Good luck to the "Spark"y empire.

THESE ARE NO AMATUERS--Republicans are negotiating with. The last time the Republicans negotiated with Obama'sw boys they got their butts whipped. Obama was allowed to push everything past the 2012 election creating the Fiscal Cliff and the result: he's still in the White House, he made significant gains in the Sneate and the House. So significant that the Democrats now have a chance to retake the House and dominate the Senate if they can trap Republicans once again into the role of bad guys protecting big business,oil and the rich. So, as a warning, I say to Republican leaders whoever you are (interesting to find out) be very careful what you agree to, what you push off and when you set the next big show down. Already you have lost any chance to ever repeal Obamacare. You have lost the energy policy battle. You have lost any chance to stop the unlimited money printing to fund social progressive programs. The Democrats will have but one aim: the Congressional elections of 2014 and a chance to get 2 final years of Obmama's progressive agenda, Supreme Court Nominations and unlimited spending. The Republicans need a leader and they need one fast. These negotiations are not with amatuers--they are with master policians. And, they do have a plan.

GAS PRESSURE; Billions are accumulating via EXXON to facillitate LNG export Licenses and The Obama Administration is resisting these tremendous Market Forces. "Something's got to give"; as an old song goes. Will his 'Socialist'and ENDLESS REVENUE STREAM aspirations be his downfall ?

SEMANTICS; They worried about this President's use of: 'Workplace Violence' in place of 'Terrorist Attack','Spontaneous Demonstration' in place of 'Planned Attack','Taxing the Rich' in place of 'Smothering Small Business'. How about replacing "Fair Shot" with 'Economic Sabotage', 'Executive Orders'with 'Constitutional Violations',"Great Ground Game" with 'Election Mischief' and 'Voter Fraud' ?

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