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November 08, 2012


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Couple more thoughts:
the voter suppression tactics used in some states are reprehensable and are a disgrace to our one man/one vote heritage. The same for billionaires trying to buy elections

we need to realize that this is not a center/right country

Good thoughts on Hispanics, but the larger point is that 88% of Romney voters are white. Reps have managed to offend everyone else. You can't win when the only demographic who will follow is white men. A few token blacks and Hispanics on the podium won't work anymore.

the poll aggregators were almost 100% correct. PEC missed only in Florida and got the vote total exactly correct at 51.1/48.9. Nate Silver was 51 for 51. They were right all along, not just at the end. Statistics is a profession.

somebody tell Dick Morris and Carl Rove to "go away"

a $billion doesn't buy what it used to

it is way past time for the angry right to accept the simple fact that Obama is our president and tone down the retoric.

WISH TO DIFFERENTIATE ON PREVIOUS STATEMENTS. When referring to 'THE FREEBEE MOTIVE' , I should have clarified that it is most probably more a motive of the 'illegals' wrather than anyone pursuing immigration and assimilation thru normal channels.

'FREEBEES' IS A STRONG & COMFORTABLE POSITION. Why else would anyone with an 'iota' of personal pride 'default' to Mr.Obama ? Any community I have seen where a 'Welfare/Food Stamp Office'existed was deluged with an over supply of legal and illegal immigrants.
I cannot recall this being the case a couple of generations ago. But as unskilled jobs dried up our politicians accellerated the 'FREEBEES'(naturally securing votes in the process) wrather than attempt to control the immigration rate. In Massachusettes, Govr Dukakis actually solicited Puerto Rico to advantage themselves of liberal entitlement policies in the State. Pictures of signs in the San Juan Airport were televised; encouraging migration to Southbridge , Mass. which housed a relief office.
Bill's guest worker system procedures are fine; but like any other system, 'lefty' oriented state and federal workers won't enforce them any more than they enforced illegal voter registration.At one time we had a responsible 'SPONSOR' system also. What happened to that ?

HISPANICS---Couldn't agree more with Bill on this one. I maintain and always will that a major reason we are struggling with education, entitlements, social services and unemployemnt for young workers is illegal immigration from Mexico. It is imperative that America CONTROL the migration into the country if we are to fix our fiscal and social programs. Illegal Mexicans have taken 30 Million American jobs as they progress from the status of illegal to legal and give birth to American citizens. The concept that they are only taking the low paying jobs no one wants is outdated and incorrect. they dominate the construction and maintenance industries and the with that they have taken many of the state and county jobs paying $30-60,000 a year. Republicans have a chance to include them in the party but they must insist on a border control system or the problem will persist. California demonstrates the future well in immigration problems.

HARRY REID--It was interesting to see the return of bipartisanship in Senator Reid's conference yesterday. And, of course, the immediate claim of disbelief from news commentators. We shall see. I know Senator Reid very well and I know he has a passion to solve this country's problems. I hope that Republicans work to find common ground and compromises to get this country moving forward once again. I believe as we speak there are negotiations going on for solutions to many of the so called Fiscal Cliff issues. Let's hope the far right and far left will let them compromise to get solutions and avoid more deadlocks.

THE 'SOUL' OF THE IMMIGRANT; WHETHER THEY BE HISPANIC OR OTHERWISE IS PROBABLY OF LITTLE VARIATION FROM THAT OF THE 'BORN & BRED'. I wonder if the vision of success has seemingly become out of reach and the risk too great ? Has "Free ice cream" become the goal ? A survey seems to show and results of the election confirm; this may be the prevailing attitude. Wasn't it the quest for free money thru 'home loans' that started all of this ?
It was not long ago that any Candidate displaying Mr. Obama's rediculous non-proposals (especially after 4 long years) would have been an embarrassment to ALL. While the Country heads for the CLIFF;Mr Obama is 'winging it' once more. This occasion, across the Pacific to Burma. Apologizing perhaps for engine fumes from Gen. Chenaults' 'Flying Tigers' in 1941.

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