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December 13, 2012


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JAPAN JUMPS IN---conservatives, who stand for military spending but unlimited quantitative easing, took control in Japan. Japan, mired in a two decade economic slump after being deemed the dominant economic power of the world in the mid 80's, will now join in the world's race to print money and devalue the Yen. The twenty year decline was fueled by the rise in the cost of labor (see China coming), the rise of South Korea then China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. All this international irrational competition has been led by no other than the American FED and Treasury policies of increased quantitative easing. Of course our politicians will say we were just doing what we needed in order to offset the Chinese currency manipulations. It's like a world monopoly game: if you can't pay your bills don't go on a budget instead throw the budget in the garbage and print more money and offset it with more debt on your balance sheet. We actually had to talk Germany and the Europeans into this strategy to try and save the Euro and EU. And, to hide the Greek default with 20 years of interest free, unrepayable loans.

LESSONS LEARNED OR NOT? Unfortunately, with no leadership in sight the Repulicans are left to play the defensive cards. It appears all lined up for a Hillary run and the Dems, if they back her, could have all the cards in place for another victory. With $20T in debt and the Feds printing a $T a year to fund the deficits for give a ways it'll be hard to beat them. If fact if the Repubs get whipped in this fiscal cliff negotiations they may face a hard time holding on in 2014. Someone needs to step up soon and take control of the party's future.

LET'S NOT FORGET THE CIRCULAR 'FIRING SQUAD'. The Republicans' 'Guilt Complex' almost requires it. Justice Robert's samantic contortions, releasing Obamacare into a 'FREEBIE FRENZIED' electorate. Fed Chair Bernanke granting unlimited expansion of the monetary system after promising the exact opposite. "We will not 'MONETIZE THE DEBT'." The alienation of Ron Paul and his popular pressing of The Fed's accounting. Probably did more to keep those 3 million Republicans at home.
It was obvious 'early on' that Romney Campaign leadership needed to be replaced. They were repeats that had lost previously and some had "lost to the previous loser". The initial un'Mitt'igated attack on Gingrich was to go unforgiven thru the remainder of the Campaign. It displayed a bit of 'win at all cost'treachery, if you will; that haunted the Campaign. It introduced a bit of hesitancy when considering Romney.
In summary, we live in a desperate, partially (condoned by the Teacher's Union) illiterate society; where it's hard to beat Santa Claus as Rush would say.

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