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December 20, 2012


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COUNCILLOR BOWEN; perhaps a barister in a former life; or too much 'Perry Mason' ? A question that requires and displays specific knowledge of a crime scene will be most difficult to 'spin'. The witness may be forced to expose their own 'failures'. Could explain the semi-concious state of the primary witness.

'DITTO' ON THOSE QUESTIONS; I'll be amazed if the Committee publically broaches these specific topics and does not dillute them.

What solid, POWERFUL questions you propose, Mr. Bowen.

I'm going to forward your blog posting far and wide. Maybe we can get a (questioning) chorus going.


SEN. KERRY PRESIDING ? Proposed successor to Hillary Clinton. Is this a JOKE ? If you forward those questions into the Committee; you might want to insist on a 'Receipt'. However, McCain has requested he be seated on it. Good luck to us all and God Bless what is left of the US Govm't.

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