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January 24, 2013


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LET ME SEE; When the BCA Commission failed, the Sequestration was prompted to 'kick in' Jan 2nd unless it was 'kicked out';CORRECT ? It is now scheduled to take effect March 2nd and cash flow ending March 27; unless legislation such as 'The Fiscal Non Cliff is rerun by April 15 in effect granting a pardon thru May 19.CORRECT ? Understood that an overun of some 500 billion having occurred following the 'non cliff' legislation. Alternately an unallowed Executive Order declaring an Economic Emergency conceivably might be Unconstitutionally declared. By 2015, this may reach The COurt Room to be declared Unconstitutional and the 2.5 Trillion (gr tot $18. Trill) returned to the FED & Chinese, unless it can't be.
How about some real 'Blocking and Tackling' with these lawbreakers. Lets stop Chief Justice Robert's Pay until he orders the heads of the Legislative and Executive Branch plus Fed Res Chairman to justice.

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