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January 31, 2013


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N.KOREAN THREAT,ANOTHER REASON TO THANK BILL CLINTON; for 'waiving' the illegal sales of the 'Super Computers', during the pre-impeachment 90's, to China. Yet awaiting the media story on that one. I had mistakingly thought that to be one of the reasons for his IMPEACHMENT.

NOT THE ONLY NUKE THREAT. What do we suppose might enter the thoughts of an Israeli leader ; faced with a 200 Abrams Tank/F16 package throw at him in 'concentration' ? This Administration's 'BRAIN STORMS' will inevitably yield a fantastic 'PERFECT STORM'.

NORTH KOREA dreams of Nuking NY City. What are we to make of this recently released video of N Korea nuking NY City set to the tune of "We are the World" ?

The often criticized GWB called North Korea, Iran and Iraq the Axis of Evil. The Left complained. Now after 4+ years of Left leadership GWB's war on Iraq tool out one. And, we face Iran's continuous threats and nuclear ambitions unabated along with the new "baby" dictator in North Korea "playing with nuclear threats and weapons as if they were crib toys. This is the latest of the idiotic behavior of the kid. At least you can enjoy the tune.


IF ONLY OBAMA COULD HAVE BEEN ELECTED IN '68. 'Vietnam' would likely have gone down into History with 'Gettysburg'. Especially if the media could have found a few North Vietnamese slaves to interview (don't think there weren't any) .

KERRY WEEK 1---one of the great DOVES of my generation takes the helm at STATE. Someone bombs our Embassy in Turkey. It remains to be seen if Kerry, like the President did, will read the intell reports and change from the academic Dove to the more realistic war fighter even if in retreat. The US is under attack, continuously, throughout the world. The actions of GWB and Obama have set the enemy back in terms of hitting the homeland but we have not finished anyone off. Not Al Queda, not the Taliban and not the Islamists. They remind us too often of their determination to destroy us over the long term. It is indeed dangerous that we make decisions to financially shift our attention from Defense to food stamps and to retreat to the homeland borders. It will not be long before what happened at our elementary school will fade from memory in exchange for another 9-11 attack. KERRY has a tough job and we can only hope that he is up to the task and has the personality to change with the times. This is not Vietnam. Iran is not Hanoi. Jimmy Carter could not handle Iran. Ronald Reagan could. This is unconstrained total war--for all of our childrens' lifetimes. Hillary could not handle the job and was always kept out of the hotspots of Pakistan,China,Iran,North Korea in favor of military leaders and special appointees. Already it appears that Biden is taking charge of Kerry's sphere in Syria. Not a vote of confidence.

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