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January 17, 2013


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HILLARY: If yesterday didn't end Hillary's dreams of being President then the left can elect anyone.

THE 'TEA PARTY' CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO FAIL. Although the 'Progressive Left' does point to social problems that must eventually be addressed; economic solutions don't materialize. Never more clear was this fact depicted than Wednesday at the Brookings Instittute. Alexis Tsipras of the Greek radical left social party, the Syriza, spoke. For an entire hour, iterations of the social injustice of AUSTERITY imposed by the 'RICH ROBBER BARONS' was touted. Each solution proposed was always one more 'move to the left'i.e.taxation,then strikes, then riot, then chaos , as each successive failure occurs.
The reality that there exists 310 million solutions and not one 'Progressive' grand plan , never occurs in the mind of the 'left'. Our Justice Dept. refused to prosecute several of Wall St's criminal executives; solely to make the point that the fault lied within the SYSTEM' and to isolate the government from any discovery.


The "I" man disappeared: yesterday I watched as the "I" man took the reins for another 4 years. The speeches by the liberal supporting set were well done. The set and focus were clearly on the military making one wonder what will be their fate over the next 4 years post sequester? But, the facination was the change in tone of the "I" man. One who spent the past 6 years claiming all good ideas were his and listening to no one. The imperialist spouting socialist solutions to our problems all the time using the first person "I". Now he gives a speech with the word "I" used only once and that in conjunction with "you and I". A beautiful speech it was and I listened to all of them that day. As well as all the toasts. But, the message was as clear as the brutal "I" messages of the past: "we" will focus on healthcare,global warming,immigration reform,gun control, clean energy development of high paying jobs, tax reform, education reform,----the list went on of liberal sound bites. This was the same man who just a week earlier announced "'I' will not negotiate on the debt ceiling!" It was disappointing to see what lies ahead: more push to the left. More challenges to the bare bones of the Republicans. More spending. More taxing. No cuts. No ideas on entitlement reform. On a day after Repubicans had proposed to give him another 3 months to figure out how he will begin to end the deadlock moving the (can) debt ceiling fight down the road, he gives no hope. The "I" man no more,perhaps, but the smoke and mirrors still linger.

Introduced by Missouri State Representative Casey Guernsey, with 61 co-sponsors, is the Missouri 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. House Bill 170 (HB170) would nullify any and all federal acts, orders, laws, statutes, rules, or regulations of the federal government on personal firearms, firearm accessories, and ammunition.

The bill states, in part:

“Any official, agent, or employee of the federal government who enforces or attempts to enforce any act, order, law, statute, rule, or regulation of the federal government upon a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is owned or manufactured commercially or privately in the state of Missouri and that remains exclusively within the borders of the state of Missouri shall be guilty of a class D felony.”

Look at that. Nullification and penalties. Thanks Missouri, GO FIGHT! From Spartanburg TEA PARTY MEMO Jan 19,2013. "MUST BE IN THE 'DNA' DOWN HERE."

The TEA PARTY MOMENTUM as you correctly point out has been lost as fast as the resistance to OBAMACARE. The REPUBLICAN leaders are the good old boys and the good old boys do not like the absolutism of Tea Party members. And, they showed it in their reluctance to support Sarah Palin. She was virtually invisible in Romney's attempt to win by moving to the middle while proclaiming Tea Party/conservative values. And, unlike 2010 she did not deliver the tidal wave of angry voters to take out Obama or even the vulnerable Senators. After all as you have pointed out several times, Bill, most incumbents win.

The Republican party has yet to grab on to the new faces of Mario, Jeb(another Bush), Christie(who disappointed them fighting for his state), Ryan and Jindal. Someone has to boldly step forward and challenge the Democrats with new solutions to the major problems: entitlement reform, immigration, women's rights, budget changes, Defense spending, etc. Forget Boehner and Mitch. They will not be President. Unless the Republicans get a strategy and a spokesman/contender to attract women and minorities we are doomed to the minority role for a long time and will lose the House eventually.

TEA PARTY TAKE HEART. This morning, NPR's Mara Liasson, following many years of research and consultation with academia, has concluded:"The President's Plans don't seem to be in line with the Country's needs". She was quoting someone of course. Additionally, it seems that same innnoccuous source seems to feel that Mr. O's "Investments" might not be quite possible ,great as they are,with a non existant 'growth rate'.
So take heart, TEA PARTY. The 'blind squirrel' may finnally be arriving abreast of 'THE NUT'and will of course adopt it as it's own. We will have YOU to thank; even in "defeat".

EXPLANATIONS ARE DUE; for instance, why does the Presidential nominee 'throw' the Campaign following the revelation in the first debate of Obama's incompetancy ? Why does the Chief Justice so inadroitly fail to comply wih the Constitution; in the face of such legislative fraud, mockery and incompetancy ? Why does the Republican Party purposely cause a 'rift' at the Convention with a leader who so dedicatedly exposed the country's financial erosion by the FED ? Why does a major Republican, Leader of the Fed, reverse sound 'Monetary Philosophies' to support a 'hapless' inept Preidential effort ? How does a former 'Joint Chief' and Sec of State suddenly conclude he has been 'Schucked and Jived' his whole life ? Set's one back a bit ; at least for now !

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