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February 21, 2013


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OVERVOTES; Example- Election Precinct clerk in Florida (ST Lucie) reported an OVERVOTE of 25% or more. Overvotes were the (%) of votes cast above the registered voter tally. If you just used the precincts involved where the Acorn organization was indicted its huge.

Dick G - what is your source for the million votes? and what is meant by questionable?

VOTING; This is not a consideration unless you are a citizen. Over a million or more questionable votes in each of the previous two presidential elections has contributed to a National Leadership failure of both the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government.
A failed state isn't any use to anybody. Supporting policies that jeopardize and imperile the Nation aren't conducive to the loosening of voter requirements. Hopefully some clarity will be shed.

THE WORD IS 'SUSTAINABILITY'. The Country is broke. It's worse than broke. It could FAIL. We are in the process of disableing our military. People flooding into and overwhelming the Country's resources have to be first divided into apropriate divisions of (1) Immigration status and (2) Refugees. Then disbursement among more States and economies best suited to available 'sponsors' and economic needs. This could relieve the STRESS on both the individual as well as the economy at hand.

Re: the comment above "The politics - Point 1
You seem to propose voting impediments for newly allowed immigrants to keep them from voting (presumably for Democrats). Wouldn't the beter policy be for Reps to stop talking about harsh treatment in order to promote "self deportation". The Rep party has self-identified as anti-immigrant and anti-minority.

The right thing is to provide the path to citizenship and voting - not to create a second class of citizenship with lesser rights. If Reps want their votes, let them earn those votes by promoting policies that new Americans can agree with. Voter supression, as we had in the last election, is the antithesis of the American way.

DISTRIBUTION OF RESPOSIBILITY, REFUGEE ACT 1980; If 'Illegal' is politically incorrect when refering to illegal immigants then let's call it exactly right for many cases; REFUGEES. In the 1980 Act the annual flow is capped at 50,000. Secondly, wrather than another Federal usurption of power; see this statement relegating a supervised distribution among the staes. "The Office (of Director) must also create grants for these projects, consult with state and local governments about sponsorship and distribution of refugees, and develop a system to monitor the use of government funds ".
Taking a page from the laws governing Bank FDIC Regulators; the funding should be assesed 'PROGRESSIVELY'(as in tax rates) on all illegal traffickers,and persons providing incentives creating a refugee flow. US Citizens trafficking illegal substances should be made available for Extradition to the refugee's country of origin.

I read your blog tonight just after reading this superb article by Angelo Codavilla: http://preview.tinyurl.com/a82vaak

Your blog; Codavilla's article. In an interesting way, they're bookends.

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