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February 07, 2013


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WHERE'S ROMNEY ? Quote - "this doesn't stop at the Election". We will need more than Mark Levin ('Talk Radio') to do some 'blocking & tackling'on this Administration . The Admin. has threatened a Congressional 'sidestep'. Thank God for people like Ken Cuccinelli (Va. Atty Gen.). His 'WIN' against The $300. million "Rain Water" EPA regulation effort; is now the 3rd loss in The Courts for The Administration.
Perhaps this WIN may inspire our legal people to 'get it into gear' with the COUNTRY for a change. More support for THE ACRU,for instance; which is another legal group taking on The Administration.
The WHouse has reached the point where every statement involves either a distortion, an omission or outright fabrication.

MORE,MORE,MORE--of the same. It is getting boring. No solutions just posturing. Handshaking, Smiles, and threats. If you do not do anything about global warming (climate change) I will use Executive Orders to get my way. More money printing. No long term deficit reduction through entitlement reform. Not a word on social security, unemployment or welfare reform. Let's see we strengthen our borders as a compromise on immigration reform and then raises the minimum wage to $9 -a magnet for illegal fence climbing and illegal hiring. Did you see any clapping from the Generals when he announced the pull outs from Afghanistan? More later.

DOOMED TO A REPEAT ? Has Mr Bernanke been studying '1929' so hard; he's re-plicated it for us to re-live ? Perhaps a good 'Object Lesson'for Jindl's "Stupid Party". Funneling part of the $85. billion/mo. counterfeit into REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) to purchase the Toxic MBS's (Mortgage Backed Securities) falls into line with a 'statement' made . IT was making the point that (according to their CPIndex)inflation was unaffected due to the money being 'funneled' thru Public Sectors of the Economy wrather than traditional private loans over the entire Economy.
I thought maybe this had originated with Krugman. It sounded like him. Since then I have never heard anyone 'DEBUNK' this. By the way, $85. Billion is pretty close to the entire 'DEFICIT'.

SHAMBLES is the best way to describe what is left of Republican leadership. Seems our biggest concern is Governor Christie's waist line. Jindal has poked his head out early. Christie seems more likely to turn Democrat than return to the Republican Party he burned in October. Romney has become invisible. Ron Paul says he is thinking about running for Presiednt. Rubio seems to be waiting for someone to lead him rather than take charge and come out with some public ideas.

CURRENCY PRINTING is the US economic strategy and the further we go the more the world retaliates. By printing currency the US sells some products abroad. Meanwhile the Jap's Yen, touted by my Harvard Professors in 1986 as the world's next World currency, free falls toward zero. That seems a strange strategy for a country that must import virtually 100% of it's energy now that nuclear is out of favor. European officials unable to print Euro's because of the political system of the EU are calling for an end of the US/Japan/China/Brazil/India/Cambodia/Venezuela devaluation wars. And, so you can see the Euro spiraling upward. The US, of course, has set the pace with the $85B/month printing target. The offset of the US printing is a "false" housing market fueled by consortiums of REITs buying houses to rent. This is made profitable by the Fed policy to buy mortgage backed securities with the money it prints. what happens when the Fed stops printing and the REITs dump the foreclosed properties? By the way American banks have an inventory of unprocessed foreclosed houses in the range of 5 million. Holding this inventory has allowed the price of houses especially in Nevada,Florida and Arizona to increase in value (percieved).

FOREIGN CAPITAL--attracted by Fed policy and dangers abroad is fueling the Miami and NYC real estate markets. 31% of property sales in NYC and an oustanding 60% of Miami real estate sales are from South American, european and Asian sources. Reminds you of the days Japan bought up Hawaii. capital fleeing foreign markets does not bode well for the emerging markets long term.

The US is rapidly getting itself in a position with no alternative to the Democratic Liberals and little alternative to the money printing. The fanatasy of a rising DOW which refelcts the devalued dollar masks the dangers of this strategy. Funny isn't it that gold is going down. People have fallen in love with free money printed in the back rooms of the governments around the world.

BALANCE OF PAYMENTS deficit of the US dropped $8B in December. Why? Wall Street seems to thinki that it had to do with reduced buying and lower inventory of American companies. I suspect however it had more to do with current US OIL policy and the lower imports of OIL. As we expand fossil fuel production. Something liberals must be fuming over.

'EASTERN ESTABLISHMENT';A good place to start the RINO Hunt. My guess is; you might also 'bag' yourself a few '06-'08 'Sloths' in the BIG SWINDLE of the decade. (something the Atty Gen.. refuses to attempt). Not to mention the STOPPAGES in TORT and interstate medical insurance reforms.

The party has long had a divide between the Eastern establishment and the Southern, Midwestern, Western populist wing. Rove has been the tactician for the Establishment - with big government programs (No Child Left Behind; Medicare Part B) and liberal candidates (Lugar; etc). With Romney's defeat he has found a sugar daddy who will pay him dearly to make sure that the Establishment does not lose control of the Party to those Tea Party / libertarian populists who won in 2010. In the process he gets very wealthy.

CORRECT; That is 3 million Conservative voters failed to heed the CALL. What a SHAME. Now What ? Ted Cruz and Stan McCrystal in'16 ? I doubt that 'Cheshire' smile would have survived in a Debate with either one.

Did you mean to say "conservatives" at the end of the first paragraph?

ROVE AS 'BY-GONE', A BETTER IDEA. Charts , graphs, and political counts always seem to be avoiding several obvious 'subtractions'. Begining at the Convention, 'Bigger Tent'concept: dropped Dr Paul and followers of a well established 'FED RESERVE Accounting'policy; Sarah Palin's impassioned followers (one of the few who were not afraid to speak out); omitting social and enviromental innovations probably led to Powell's desertion; and now The TEA PARTY. Still wondering why 3 million didn't show ?
Rove has never been an effective innovator or idea man ,in general. Why FOX or anyone in leadership would turn in his direction escapes me. At times we assume far too much in the LEADERSHIP.

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