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March 28, 2013


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JOBS? 88,000 jobs added. Enough said. You still want to believe the Administration that we are winning this battle by printing money? The smoke and mirrors continues as unemployment FALLS to 7.6% as more poeple quit looking for work.

AHC Act: And, you know what? Obamacare is providing incentive for American businesses to replace full time workers with two part time workers to avoid the healthcare penalties. This actually makes life worse for the workers but ironically LOWERS unemployment.

SO IS THIS MARSHALL LAW, OBAMA STYLE ? He 'prints-up' 7% of the GDP. Releases thousands of alien felons. His Atty. General declares criminal amnesty for financial lenders disregarding loan applicant regulations. A virtual 'throw open the bank vaults'home financing declaration. Militarization of The FEMA 'Corps' while disproportionatly disableing our Military. The Administration's block of voter ID. The threat of civil unrest looming over a terrified Congress. Gun Control Registry enhancements. We may not be a '3rd World'Country yet ;but we certainly are being led by '3rd World' thinking.

BACK TO THE FUTURE OF 1937. Due to the insistance of the Roosevelt Administration on allowing the Fed Government to subordinate the 'Private Sector'; the US replunged into depression. Roosevelt went so far as to userp efforts of the local power company in favor of The Government effort. It was plainly demonstrated and Roosevelt admitted; that so long as Government remained dominant in the economy,we may never succede. "We were losing our work incentive."

WHERE IS THIS ECONOMY? The figures just don't add up. 4th quarter GDP ended up after adjustments at about +.5%. Then in Q1 we watched the market soar based on further comments by the FED that they would continue to feed the market with more printed money. Even yesterday and today they sent out 2 more moderates to say easing will continue until we see a sustained economic pickup in jobs.

In the meantime consumer confidence dropped 9%. ISM (manufacturing) dropped in both the main indicators. Today nonfarm payrolls came in at 158,000 well below estimates of 210,000. US auto sales were up but then it stands to reason that some of our cars are just wearing out after 5 years and 150,000 miles.

Now we are beginning to see US corporations missing not just top line revenues but bottom line profits as well. It is being blamed on slowing in emerging markets and a devastated Europe. Part of this is true, after all, US CEO's have been harvesting overseas growth for 5 years while the US faltered and made profits cutting costs. With slow growth overseas they can no longer just cut costs and get profits from declining or stagnant revenues. And, so no hiring. No US expansions. No economic expansion.

The housing market is fueled by a flight to yield by investors normally in bonds who are funding REITs for rental income returns. The result is a scarce housing inventory and a boom in multifamily housing. But it is a bogus comeback. It is not single family ordinary people housing rebound. It is occurring in the retirement areas where boomers are heading and in the ENERGY development areas. The 14 cities in the US that are experiencing housing rebounds are all in energy development areas or retirement areas. Meanwhile the FED continues to buy up the mortgages and the banks hold the foreclosed properties off the market to prop up values. And, they delay the refinancing of underwater houses. Only 22 % of American have refinanced in the past 5 years. Why? Banks, dragging their feet.

Then there is the commercial market in NYC and Miami which is being funded by money fleeing overseas from Europe to NYC and Latin America to Florida.

Money printing around the world has not worked. No one has a robust economy despite Trillions of dollars of worldwide easing. And the world's debt is skyrocketing. A stock market is simply going up to reflect a new pricing of the stocks based on a deflated currency. Sure the US dollar looks good relative to the other countries.

And, the President looks like a Republican as he has oil development going on all cylinders. Meanwhile, however, EPA continues to push new standards for gasoline putting refineries under the gun. Everyone seems to be dragging their feet on the conversion to natural gas. Our advantage in energy is massive if we use it. If the President kills off that one the economy will once again fall. I see a lot of signs that the economy is weakening once again just as it did in 2011 after some signs of recovery.

IT MAY BE ROCKET SCIENCE; at least in order to identify the misrepresentations; otherwise known as "smoke & mirrors". Dr.Willian Barnett's credentials : professor of Macro Economics at the Univ. of Kansas, a former (actual) Rocket Scientist (Apollo prog.)and Fed Res Board staffer, says, "Uncle Ben got it wrong."*
Prof Barnett says that The Monetization Operations (counterfeiting) going on require complex data concerned with the accuracy of the 'Money Supply'. The accurate data produced by The St Louis Fed Reserve Bank is available but shunned aside for locally produced 'cover my butt'data that legally permits this devastating operation.
* "Getting It Wrong" printing 2012 by MIT Univ Press. Ch 2.7. "Mechanism,why is the FED getting it wrong?"

THE 'HOUSE' WILL NOT BLOCK or IMPEACH . I firmly believe the majority of the Members have assumed or been threatend with civil unrest; should any intervention (BIG 'I')be taken. If you don't believe it,just recall the DOJ's support of the disruptive incident at the Phila.Voting Center ('08) and the 'private bounty' allowed; offered in the Sanford Fla. assault. Didn't notice any Executive Orders. Boss must have been tired from so many previously issued.
The Republicans' unwillingness to express the true nature of this White House has brought a potential calamity on us all:Black,Brown,White ,Yello,Red, Pink etc..When someone documents his own origins at the age of 31 onto nationally distributed book sales;then maybe you should believe him.

EDUCATION has become another social program to both subsidize children and create more public jobs for the unions. Now the call for preschool subsidies will expand the need for bigger budgets and more employees to bring more democratic votes in the future. The full court press is on to create jobs for the lower class at the expense of the taxpayer and to create more and more dependent Democratic voters to perpetuate the system. Try as you might, Bill, it is near impossible to stop this conquest by immigration, socialization and taxation by looking for a meaningful issue to take them on with. Education is a farce when it is used in this fashion. Liberal values opposing discipline, opposing competitive education systems, encouraging more and more debt on students, parents and the nation can only lead eventually to the system we see in Europe.

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C O R E IS IT'S NAME; it's coming to a school district near you. It will actually 'GUT' and lower prescribed achievment at various grade levels. The US Dept of Ed. is using typically duplicitous methods of incorporating it into resistant states. They circumvent state Law and legislatures and try to enter the system thru State Education Depts. Fortunately South Carolina has an active organization alerting parents to it thru an org called 'P I E'.
This should end up in court and possibly all the way up. So far they are thought to be in violation of federal law. This can't be allowed to become another 'Obamacare'.

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