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March 21, 2013


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'BLACKBERRY' MAY HAVE BEEN 2nd. That acounting approach may have been the innovation of FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC's nobile executives. It released tens of millions in commissions. I believe names associated with previous national calamities were also the architechs of this fiasco. "And the hits just keep on coming." Why prosecute; it's such time and trouble and a litle embarassing.

RECOVERY? Consumer confidence drops to 59%. Jobless claims up to 357,000. Wisconsin the countries leader in manufacturing employment has seen little to none increase in electric demand since the recession began. We have poured $5 Trillion into the economy since quantitative easing began and where are we besides $5 Trillion more in debt?

THE MODERN WAY to make profits. Blackberry numbers when analyzed show the modern way to make profits. Blackberry launched their new product. ATT ordered 1 Million. Blackberry announced they made a profit when the street expected a loss. Now let's look close: Blackberry LOST 3 Million subscribers. Blackberry sales revenues were down. Blackberry redefined how you count subscribers to make it looser masking the likely real drop. Sales revenues are counted at full price when the distributor takes the product. NOT when the customers buy them. When they fail to sell or are forced to discount them the sales come back as write downs. The CEO says the company made some changes that made the difference from loss to profit. Smoke and Mirrors everywhere. Stockholders beware.

GOVERNMENTS taking control has not worked out too well. 200 years ago people came to America in order to have religious freedom, economic freedom or for personal freedom. In the meantime Governments all over the world took control of the freedoms of their people. The Russians revolted and installed Communism. Later the Chinese followed. Germany and Japan taken control of by ambitious rulers. They took on the West in competition for the world and suffered economic collapse and millions of dead. Later having taken most of Europe to form the Soviet Union the Russians took on the USA and suffered complete collapse. Along the way for some unexplained reason the Europeans decided that socialism, the short version of communism, was worth a try and are currently looking for a way to solve their economic trap with huge debt and a dead economy. Now the Cypress experiment where the government has decided that there is no problem taking the savings of bank depositors. Really? I guess the excuse that the amount they are taking is above the insured level or that it mostly belongs to Russian dirty money men justifies the "TAX"? In the 80's the Japanese decided to use Government subsidized industries to dump product on the world market damaging the US Steel and auto industries. The short term economic benefit was soon followed by a 20 year recession that the government is now trying to "print" it's way out of. China is now using the modern version of that strategy and after 20 years of growth their building projects are on hold and their migration to the cities slowing. After all these challenges to find an alternative to the American system, all these economic challenges to US industry, all these cold and hot wars you would think governments would learn what works--free enterprise and capital markets. But, the folly of it all is that the best country in the world, the one who overcame all challengers, the one who gave the world the highest standard of living, the one who continues to defend all challenges to our freedom--America is well on it's way to experiment with their losing systems as we march toward a system that "level's the playing field" a fancy term for allowing the GOVERNMENT to control our lives by regulating nearly everything including our take home pay, our healthcare system, our retirement, our environment, our education, our inventions, our mining, etc. All of this takes away our incentives to exercise our freedom to be what we want, do want we want , believe what we want and benefit from our labors. Not our neighbors labors. Cypress is just another lesson to watch play out. Smoke and Mirrors is blinding Americans. Are we a nation of sheep willing to give up all the freedoms our ancestors came here to seek for the benefit to all be mediocre together?

Today amidst the calling of the great rebound in the economy consumer confidence slipped to 59% down big time. October of 2013 healthcare, our latest experiment in socialism, goes into overdrive. Let's see how the 4th quarter goes this year. The DOLLAR store has returned as the darling of Wall Street replacing the world's greatest company, Apple. That tell you anything about the Government raising taxes, printing money and offering you healthcare?

GREAT CORROLLARY (Berlin);may unfortunately only be heard here. The Market barely shuddered ("moral hazard",what's that ?) I suppose Bernanke and the Administration might have to lend out The FED's (printing) 'Plates'. The (video)'personal info. piece' , doesn't seem much of a stretch,anymore.
Memorable words from our Leader;" I will not Balance The Budget just for the sake of it. There is no DEBT CRISIS. "

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