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April 18, 2013


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APPLE--What more can a company do than to dominate the high end of a market in virtually every way? 62% of all songs down loaded world wide are downloaded on an Apple device. Quarter after quarter they sell 35M+ iphones at twice the price of their rivals.the dominate the world of phone APPS. So now analysts cry what will happen in Q3? Who cares? You compile $150B in cash and stockholders complain. They have virtually destroyed the PC market and transformed the world one more time. I'll take Apple on my team.

MORE ECONOMIC BOMBS: sales of existing homes down. February sales revised down. Wall Street companies continue to MISS on revenues and now just barely make their lowered EPS targets. It's getting tougher to cut costs, layoff workers, etc. It is definitely tough to gain on productivity when Obamacare forces you to replace full time employees with part time employees. Consumer confidence and employers confidence is falling. And, it is much tougher for the Wall Street companies to make their EPS and revenues overseas with China slowing, Europe in a recession,at best, and a glut of oil, copper,natural gas on the markets. Soon if the world continues to slow even our new wonder industry: OIL will slow down and then we will see the real US economy. Pretty much all healthcare paid for by government entitlements and Boomer savings. A declining YEN and a rising Dollar does not bode well for the Obama resurgence of manufacturing. Think of it: we are printing $84B a month and the dollar is rising in world markets: how much currency is the rest of the world printing to stay ahead?

Is there any way the Republican Party can keep Barney in the spotlight? He exemplifies the entrenched Progressive view and cannot ignore a microphone.

This is the same Barney Frank who grew up in the 1970s, yet was "surpised" that the plants his live-in "companion" was growing in most rooms was marijuana. Somewhat strange that his botanist companion only grew one plant, and so many of them, and that they disappeared at a certain stage of growth. But, we all have quirks.

The same Barney Frank who was astonished that his prior live in "companion" was running a gay escort service our of Barney's home. True, there was a lot of phone traffic and visits by "pretty boys". But, his companion was a popular guy.

The same Barney Frank who, as Chairman of the Committee overseeing housing in a House dominated by Democrats, scuttled George Bush's attempt to rein in risky housing lending. Bush was attacked as trying to kill the American dream of owning a house by disadvantaged folks who currently lacked a job or means of support. When it hit the fan, Barney knew nothing about it, being astonished that Wall Street and the mortgage industry made a ton by packaging the doomed toxic mortgages that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac guaranteed at Barney's insistence.

None of that was criticized, or questioned, in the press. What is astonishing here is that MSNBC, of all media, called him out on a blatent political use of the Boston Marathon massacre. Barney, like Rohmn, is a firm believer that no good disaster should go to waste.

This unusual questioning must have surprised Barney. He is used to saying bizarre things that are swallowed hook, line and sinker by the media as 100% factual. After all, holding Frank to task for his actions/rhetoric, would be an anti-gay attack, just like criticizing the policies/rhetoric of Obama is an anti-Black attack to all Progressives and most media.

Can the Republicans find a way to keep Barney talking and covered by the media? Barney can raise the fire-in-the-belly conservatives and middle-of-the-road folks found lacking in the Romney campaign.

WE CAN ONLY HOPE. Even the 'LEFT' can spot a crumbling building. With this president successfully carrying out(in concert with a counter Constitutional Atty Gen.) 'de facto' MARSHALL LAW: Voting center intimidation advocacy,the encouragement of voter fraud, Unconstitutional violations of Immigration law, advocacy of privately issued criminal bounties, illegal assignment of cabinet posts, illegal use of funds in effecting legislative agendas, deception and duplicity in attempting to foment economic unrest, four annual violations of Federal Budget Statutes, failure to defend our legitemate sovereign soil in Benghazi and and ...I'm out of breath

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