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April 25, 2013


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BERNANKE,WHY THE PERSISTANCE ? It has been shown by a real expert (actual Rocket Scientist from Univ. of Kansas) that Mr Bernanke's Money Supply Data is wrong. It is being used supposedly to show the Economy's 'QE' tolerance . Also, we have all had 'drummed' into us the fact that misguiding unemployment figures are flaunted as proof of success.
Is it possible this expected impact of QE on the unemployment rate is actually having the reverse effect ? Despite Bernanke's genius; is it not possible for genius'to become obsessed and too legacy conscious ? A Federal Reserve Chairman illegally devalues the currency by trillions in order to cater to the whims of the Chief Executive. Shouldn't someone be taking legal action ?

ECONOMIC NEWS: continues to be mixed at best. Today's payroll report showed a mere 110,000 private sector jobs created. I will be interested to see if the Q1 GDP estimate of +2.5% holds up. Manufacturer buyers confidence slipped to 49.5% last week. Consumer confidence climbed back from a March low of 595 to a new high of 69%. Who knows why. On wall Street big ompanies contimue to miss on the revenue side and make on the EPS side. That is not good for the employment numbers or for small businesses. Despite Trillions of dollars of printing the economy cannot overcome the effects of tax increases and Obamacare costs. Any thought given to cutting unemployment benefits running for 100's of weeks rather than Air traffic Controller work weeks?

THE BENGHAZI DECISION, A NEW LOW; when a Sp Force Operative (or ex operative) fear their own Government more than a night counter-assault into a 'Hot LZ'.

President Obama has prove himself the master of distraction.
Have you noticed the biggest distraction to date?............Sequester? Bombings? N.Korea? Immigration? Abortion?..........Sure all of that but nothing said about the biggest gorilla in the room "ObamaCare".

As the Media (Ministry of Propaganda), keeps it off the table and out of sight and Obama directs attention away from it, we plunder along to 2014, at which point we're stuck with it! Most, including congress, are still not aware of how many hidden tax's' are in it.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius doesn't have a clue. Her credentials are limited. She graduated Trinity Washington University, D.C. with a BA in political Science and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Kansas.

What expertise does she carry in health care? Do you trust her to manage one sixth of the nations revenue?

Senator from Montana Max Baucus, who was one of the architects of this health care bill, has said it's become a "train wreck" from its original design. He will be conveniently retiring in 2014.

I don't think even God can help us at this point. The Republican party will eventually shed its skin of self serving empty suits and resurface but unfortunately I won't see it in my lifetime compounded by the fact that and as long as President Obama continues to fail basic mathematics....


DEMAGOGUERY - PARALYSIS WITHOUT ANALYSIS ; Decision requires some analysis, which might require CHANGE, which could lead to loss of POWER. Here exists an Administration that would RISK an entire Economy on the Social theory of two Columbia U. professors (Cloward & Piven). The GOAL, to eradicate poverty by guaranteeing an 'annual income'. The METHOD; to overload our Safety Nets to the breaking point (see 1970's).
All AGENDA items are enacted with penal methods and meant to COLLAPSE the existing systems. CAP & TRADE for instance might be approached with a REWARDS SYSTEM as well; but it is the COLLAPSE which is desired. Fracking is the new 'whipping boy'. Harvard researchers had to withdraw mis-information claims this week. They had denounced the FOCUS system's transparency and distribution (Ground Water Protection Council) of DATA and Chemical info. in fracking.*
Solutions and "the more perfect Union" is hard work. The dissolution, based on idealistic socialism; much easier on the leadership,tough on the 'LED'.

* Energy in Depth .com April 2013

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