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May 16, 2013


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Simply put, Obama does not like to govern, but loves to campaign. The media "gets this" and is fully committed to the cause, albeit some "renegade" reporters may get their phones tapped. So, Obama knows nothing, sees nothing, and hears nothing. That is accepted fact.

So, Conservatives better just hold their breaths and focus on keeping Obama from gaining majorities in Congress during the midterms and stoking the fires for the next campaign against Hillary.

NOT SURE--Bill. As much as I would like to see a change in the government controls, I am not seeing anything hat indicates anything like the rath of the country over Obamacare in 2010. More so I see your phrase "that's the way its always been" and a shrug of the shoulders and a smile when anyone says Obama knew about the IRS activity and Benghazi. Of course he did they answer. But, who is going to prove it? And, who i his base really cares? In fact most of his base think that is the way it is supposed to work. Maybe, just maybe the media will be a little more critical since it was their phones that were invaded. But, so what? They will never equate Obama's behavior with that of the Far Right and the more the Far Right show up and protest the more they will eventually come to his defense. Right after I started writing my comments on your blog the IRS showed up in my office. Coincidence?

And, now amid the firestorm over the Obama's boys behavior we have the Senate's Levin (with the backing of Senator McCain covering his back) attacks APPLE for legally using the tax law created by the US Congress and long ignoring the problem of capital stored overseas by US corporations. A problem I have pointed out in this blog and to Senator Reid for many years. The left are experts at the smoke and mirrors campaigns--here is another one.

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