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May 30, 2013


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CAN IT BE? That the world's fascination with the American solution to debt problems is to print more money is coming to an end? The absurd announcement by Japan that they would just print as many Yen as it takes to get their economy started may have finally gotten the attention of the world's bankers. At $85B a month the US has set a pace of devaluation that few can match. Japan decided to try and out pace us but now it is beginning to backfire. The emerging economies cannot get away with the same. No ome wants their currency or bonds. Interest rates are starting to rise in the US and that will quickly slow things again. And, it will make the deficit rise once again. America's best news is that AIG and Fannie are making money for the US government. Wouldn't it be nice if the US economy generated the income, unemployment decreased and more than 50% of American's actually paid taxes again? And, yes, Bill, the coming devastation in healthcare costs will take it's toll on most of us trying to cover our people as you have so detailed here.

Economic Indicators: Down again for small businesses and revised down for April. All that great economic news? Small businesses ISM revised down for April and own again in May. Now 3% below 50% at 47.1% indicating further small business contraction. The market surges on the news up 138 points. As the Fortune 1000 restricts employment and purchasing of goods and services from small businesses in order to make those bottom line numbers for Wall Street the liberal monetary planners cheer as it means further monetary easing extensions. Meanwhile the idea that US businesses are recovering and a hiring binge is on the horizon is suspect. find me some data that supports that proposition besides more and more people have quit looking for work.

Well said, Bill. I just think he is a lying, rascist, subversive, America-hating bastard! Ron

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