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May 02, 2013


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WHERE WE CAME IN. Congress presently trying to block the 'central plank' of Dodd Frank, dealing with the registering the scheme of goods being transacted in Derivatives. In 1995, then Chair of The CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission)Brooksly Borne, was fired by Pres. Clinton. The 'Cabal' that organized the 'firing' was made up of Larry Summers, Greenspan, and Rubin. Ms. Borne's idea was that unregistered trading commmodities (such as 'Credit Default Swaps')could lead to illegal unfinancially viable transactions.
' She and her Firm were expert on the Derivative trade and warned of possible grave outcomes. Now, the one thing of Dodd Frank that might make sense; and they are trying to scuttle it. It's more than AMAZING.

HELP THE 'ACRU'; May be the 'Custer's Last Stand',The Alamo, or may be leading the 'Greatest Comeback'. In any event they seem to be one of the few organizations willing to take direct action against this Marxist 'Take -Over'. The ACRU has BLOCKED Comrade 'Big Sis' Napolitano by Injunction from negating an immigration law, for openers. They have had several other 'BLOCKING & TACKLING' wins as well. With our Congressional Leadership,FED Chairman and Chief Justice in appoplectic states ; these actions are critical. Remember Ken Cuccineli, Aty Gen. from Virginia. He is another that has succeeded in 'BLOCKING' unreasonable and non-sensicle Administration (EPA) mandates with alterior motives. Thanks to Louie Frieh, in the abscence of a responsible Atty General, for some real Executive Action against Corzine. (Frieh is Bankcruptcy Trustee for MF Global.)
Hopefully,these ACTIONS will inspire a general course of action that could help stymie these coming four years.

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