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June 20, 2013


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CONGRATULATIONS to Bill Bowen on his new position as Secretary at SF GOP!

GDP revised down again to 1.8% for the first quarter. Of biggest concern to those of us trying to run companies is the revised Business investment index at .4% indicating that companies are barely investing in growth at all. Now the FED is trotting out their members to try and convince the markets that it is misinterpreting their Chairman's message. Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse is out. Markets rarely wait for data instead they speculate on where the data is going. So now the FED announcement has led to a nearly 40% increase in mortgage rates. Whatever housing recovery there is will likely get a short term surge out of fear of higher rates followed by another slowdown due to them. 30 Year rate is now 4.4%. Apartment anyone? Meanwhile the banks are increasing their foreclosures trying to get rid of the assets at higher prices.

Ecuador,Cuba,Venzuela,China and Russia all want our NSA leaker. I suppose North Korea,Iran and Syria would probably welcome him as well.China sent him to Russia who claims he is staying at the Moscow Airport. The IRS was used to harrass political rivals. An American business leader is held hostage in China. Keystone pipeline is on hold. Coal is under attack. 30% of Chinese real estate buyer's in NYC are late with their payments. 9% of NY city's real estate purchases are from Brazil's wealthy while 12% of Miami's real estate purchases are from Brazil. 20 Million American's are unemployed. China is now in the business of subsidizing their weakening banking system after building hundreds of houses and office buildings remaining empty. Analysts cannot understand why the money has not moved from Bonds to stocks, ignoring the fact that bond money found the real estate market instead driving prices crazy while the population continues to move into apartments and rented properties. Healthcare costs continue to increase for small businesses. And, the President is still talking about more taxes, more infrastructure and more regulation on American energy producers. All the while claiming he is making us the greatest oik producer in the world. All is well on the home front.

Pelosiland is providing an example of social planning that much of the country is following with interest. Those believing in government management and manipulation of the economy for the "greater good" are mesmerized by the social engineering. On the other hand, many other states are actively recruiting the soon to be ex-pat businesses of the Bay area. Maybe the Planners for the Bay area should be recruited from universities other than those advocated central govt economic planning? South Carolina is happy to provide refuge for those from California who question the wisdom of PC govt economic policy.

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