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June 13, 2013


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FEDS finally figuring out that it is not working? The Chairman today seemed resigned to the fact that he cannot figure out how to lower unemployment by printing money. A day after the President in effect fired him on TV the Chairman seemed to reverse his DOVE position and signaled an end to money printing by mid 2014. So now what happens to the housing market? we have an end to fed buying of mortgages while at the same time banks are increasing their exercise of foreclosures. You might expect the recent increase in housing prices to stall and the inventory of houses on the market to increase. OR was this a message from the PRESIDENT that he has had enough of his legacy bet on money printing? It is doubtful that Benanke agreed and therefore the interesting comment on his tenure on the Rose show yesterday.
Unemployment improvement has come primarily as a result of people leaving the workforce. Manufacturing is down. Consumer confidence is down. Small business indicators are down. But, somehow just because the manipulated housing market has seemed to make a turn around he has etermined that in the fall we can begin to slow the presses. In the end I have never heard the Chairman sound more nervous than today. That to me was a sign he is gone and the policy is changing. Remember this: In the 40 years before the Bush Presidency ended there were $800,000 Billion dollars in circulation. During the Obama first 5 years we printed nearly $5 Trillion more dollars. I think when the President saw the Japanese announce unlimited printing, a sign the world was following suit,then went to the G8 and heard an earful from our competition, and with a German meeting on the horizon today he decided as he always has the political strategy required at least a planned slowing of the devaluation of the dollar.

In the meantime the driver of employment, America's small businesses, have been totally ignored by the Administration and frustrated by healthcare, taxation and lack of capital from the banks. SO, unemployement persists.

We've evolved from our fingers and toes,a slide rule, a calculator, a computer and our mind to what is now artificial intelliigence and the cloud for the analysis and storage of data. In 2001, inspired by the tragedy of 9-11, I started a company that encrypted and stored data on servers and restored it over the internet in minutes if you lost it. Companies began to protect all their data as to lose it was to lose your ability to do business. Today most companies have huge data bases on their customers and prospects that details every characteristic they can gather. Even pictures. The social media companies gather even more private data than what you like to buy. And, most if not all of this data is up for sale. So why is it that we are "offended and surprised" when we are told that the government gathers all the data they want on us. It doesn't matter if it is to protect us from terrorists. If they don't collect it someone else already is. We know China is collecting it. What matters is what they use it for.

For example we readily supply private companies many owned by foreign countries with our credit card info, our bank account numbers and our social security numbers without even an after thought about it's security. We swipe our ATM cards multiple times a day. We buy with them on the internet knowing full well China is listening and Islamists are scamming for them. Is all this "OMG the governnment is watching" warranted or is it just more political noise? Noise I think. Thank God they are watching.

If you are worried about your affair, your porn scanning, your debt, your poker habits, your credit card numbers, your bank account balance, your identiy being stolen, your political rants, or votes, your party habits, your sexual preference, etc. Then don't be alarmed, change your communication methods. If you are worried about your govenrment then take the time to elect reponsible representatives. But, if you are worried about terror and crime then let them do their job and make sure they are monitored whle they do it. Maybe GSA needs 1000 auditors with Top Secret clearnace and unlimited access to evey government program.

Where are the indictments?

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