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June 27, 2013


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A COLLEGE EDUCATION: Isn't it ironic that under a President hell bent on a college education for all that for the first time in my lifetime we are beginning to see an open debate on "are there too many kids going to college?" I give most of the impetus for this debate as the high unemployemnt rate of recent college graduates. That when coupled with the unbelievable cost increases of getting an education which makes the parents of the kid who graduated after $100k in costs back residing in their basement question why the hell did we send him?
For more than 30 years I have been arguing that way too many kids go to college and that the high schools focus too much on the worng things for kids who shouldn't go to college. It used to be that the military provided much of the education of our kids. Most of the Airline pilots who live in my neighborhood learned to fly in the military. Today the military does not get it's shot at training enough of the youth. And, High schools are cutting back vocational training. There are currently 3 million unfilled jobs in America's manufacturing companies. Unfilled jobs for mechanics who can work on IT based mechanical equipment. But you got to be trained on both IT and mechanics. And, we don't train them. SO the jobs move to China and India. Nobody has to go to college to become a sales person. But, where in High School does anyone learn a thing about selling? Marketing --maybe. But I've given guest classes in business to High School marketing classes and no one including the teachers have any idea of the basics of selling. Advertising maybe--selling no.

First of all you cannot have a country dedicated to taking care of people at the deteriment of businesses. You have to first have a country dedicated to creating employment and opportunity to fulfill your destiny to the best of your ability. The department of education should come to search firms and ask--what can we do to educate a workforce that will be employed and have a mandatory adjustment every ten years. Business changes at the speed of light today. The internet has been the latest revolution and it's impact on the world economy just beginning to unfold.

Politicians are great when they are looking for votes. As soon as they become an elected official their brains go into deep freeze and only keeping their job matters. Not creating jobs for the people they represent. It's not money that creates opportunity and prosperity. It's leadership and the country is lacking.

HERE WE GO: Mandate for employers delayed. I couldn't agree more that a delay in a plan that is not yet constructed is a good idea. But then we have the looming 2014 elections. Is it dealyed until 2015 to avoid the election debate or because we cannot figure out how to get it working? Here are a couple troubling thoughts:

Blue Cross the nation's largest provider recently pulled out of the DC exhange. Without the nation's largest providers the exchanges will not have the quality or the numbers needed to work. So the negotiations with the providers may be the underlying problem.

The mandate on employers is definitely beginning to effect the way the nation's biggest employers of low income workers are beginning to manage their workforce around the requirements as they cut hours, hire temps, and of course should immigration go through as currently proposed the will target the pool of newly legalized illegals as their prefrerred employees over Americans and legal immigrants. We are hadly seeing an administration that cares about creating high paying middle class jobs with benefits provided by employers.

On the other hand it could be that the administration is beginning to wonder what is going to happen to their youth vote when they implement the mandatory healthcare coverage purchase requirement on young people and under employed workers. I can't see any way they can effectively enforce that provision and keep a smile on the face of the unemployed recent college grads as they head to the polls.

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