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July 11, 2013


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Apropos the most recent post, James Madison in May, 1798, observed
"Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged to provisions against danger, real or pretended, from abroad". This quote is contained in Jon Meacham's book "Thomas Jefferson, The Art of Power", which is truly a magnificent book on our early USA history.

It is ironic that neither Obama, nor Holder, nore the ACLU, nor the Move On folks, nor the NAACP, nor the liberal Lions like Sen Shumer, vocalize any problems with the direction we are headed on Govt. snooping, record keeping, or use of Federal power to thwart such (political?) dangers as the Tea Party. The silence was not present when the Patriot Act was brought into being in the aftermath of 9/11 under a Republican President.

There needs to be open debate about the extent that the country is willing to have govt intrude into what heretofore had been private matters. There is the ever-present danger that those in power will misuse information sought for "innocent" reasons--it would ignore human nature and history to pretend otherwise. Just look to the use of the IRA's misuse of filings to thwart the ability of Tea Party groups to raise funding, thus be silenced.

Where is our President who promised "transparency" so eloquently before election?

WESTERN INSANITY: It isn't enough that the recent invite to Cuba of western journalists showed the dramatic destruction of a country by socialism-- the new term used by liberal journalists to label Castro's Communist country. Nope now California has taken socialism to another level by raising taxes on Gasoline to 72 cents a gallon. Explaining the reasoning the government explained that HIGHER gas prices and ELECTRIC cars were reducing the demand for gasoline which was reducing the gasoline taxes coming in so they were forced to raise taxes once again to get more revenue. Hmmm this is a bit like a smake swallowing it's tail isn't it? I suppose liberals will argue that it is really helping global warming/climate change by driving people to stay home more. Why not just make driving illegal and not have to pay for cars or just do away with all jobs so people don't have tpo commute. Bill you truly are on the LEFT coast.

IMMIGRATION --The Great Republican Gamble. Republicans are in a pickle. If they oppose the Immigration plan then they are sure to be the party of white people going forward. If they accept it and go along then they actually have a chance to challenge for the Senate and White House again soon. But, it could be that if they gamble and accept it they are just accelerating their decline through the creation of more blue voters. And, with the number of people receiving food stamps exceeding the number of workers it is easy to see that the inflow of more and more low income workers will continue to pay dividends for the Democratic party. Republicans cannot go on much longer just writing off the blue districts.

RETAIL SALES -- consumers are once again holding off on shopping. The result is that GDP estimates are coming down. That does not bode well for small businesses and unemployment in our country. With 73% of the jobs in America being created by small businesses lower GDP and retail sales will lead to less and less job creation.

DC DEMOCRATS--This is just about as insane as it gets. With big city Mayor's begging companies to come to the big cities and create employment the DC governemnt has taken action that defy's intelligent analysis. Walmart committed to building 6 new stores in the DC area. After completing 3 of them the DC Government voted in a minimum wage law targeting retailers with more than 7500 square feet. It requires a minimum wage of $12.50 per hour. That's roughly $27,000 a year. Walmart responed by cancelling their final 3 stores and is now reviewing the impact on their existing 3 stores and considering closing them. There go a few thousand jobs. Is it any wonder that new company start ups are at a new low?

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