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August 08, 2013


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CAN WE GET 'SGT JOE FRIDAY' TO DECLARE;"The facts M'am, just the facts", at the next Press Conference. One question, please.
One of the Country's leading experts , Rosemary Gibson, proclaims; the waste fraud and abuse portion of our healthcare total ($2.5 Trill)is approx $775 billion . This happens to be the annual cost of The Affordable Care Act. Why hasn't the last five years been spent thrashing the system for all or part of that. Instead, cost cutting inroads into drug, hospital, and defensive medical & Tort practices were all suspended.*
The 'Drug Lobby' supplied part of a $150 million dollar proObama ACA promo to David Axelrod's former add agency. Howard Dean's admission to Dr B. Carson, that The Trial Lawyer's Association's huge contribtutions to Obama's Campaign precluded any anti-Tort type of reforms. Proposed required hospital cost reductions due in 2020, slashed by some 40%. Hospital association contributed millions.* Amazing, and our pseudo journalistic hacks reported little or none of it.

* from "The Battle Over Healthcare",2012 by Rosemary Gibson & Jamard. Singh

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